Inflatable kayak Nortik Scubi 1 XL Red

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Length: 380 cm • Width: 80 cm • Weight: 12 kg • Max. payload: 130 kg • Assembly time: ~10 min • Bag dimensions: 85 x 55 x 22 cm

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Price as configured: $1,405.59


The nortik scubi 1 XL has many advantages. It was designed to fit all riders, even the tallest one. It can be assembled in no time and comes with two high-pressure bladders that can withstand up to 0.4 bar. The foam padded keel protection helps protect the cover and reduces the damages in case of a choc during your trip. The bag is a plus, as it is more like a backpack than an actual kayak carry bag. The kayak is therefore easier to transport. Plus, this model only weights 12 kg! The scubi 1 XL can reach performances that are usually a characteristic of the touring kayaks.

By Nootica kayak experts


The nortik label is a protected trademark. One of the first products introduced under this brand with great success was the nortik scubi 1, a foldable-inflatable hybrid kayak. The larger model, the scubi 2, followed very quickly. The range now includes 4 different models (scubi 1, scubi 2, scubi 3 and the latest addition to the family the scubi 1 XL). The hybrid technology invented by nortik is one of the most innovative technology on the inflatable canoe and kayak market.

The Nortik Scubi XL range

The scubi 1 XL matches the slogan "easy paddling: the scubi motto"! In our opinion, it's the fastest inflatable hybrid kayak, and you can assemble it in no time. Designed for recreational use, it is in fact very versatile. The scubi 1 XL, like the other scubi models, is based on the hybrid technology of the nortik brand. For a kayak of this length, it actually is easy to manoeuvre thanks to its keel.
In conclusion, the scubi 1 XL has an excellent tracking, a quick and easy assembly, is a light weight, all this for a low price and endless fun on the water!

kayak pliable
kayak pliable

The Scubi 1 XL technology

By combining the best of inflatable and folding kayak technology, the scubi 1 XL is a hybrid of both systems. The small structure gives the kayak the stiffness and water penetration capacity necessary for better performance, compared to just inflatable kayaks of this size with a flat keel.
On the other hand, the inflatable elements are an integral part of the boat and guarantee quick and easy assembly. The bladders are inflated with a pressure between 0.30 and 0.35 bar. Two pressure relief valves provide additional safety. The scubi fabric is made of a robust material, a mixture of PVC and polyurethane. A proven material, particularly resistant to abrasion. What's more, it remains very flexible compared to materials made of PVC at low temperatures. The underside of the kayak is also fitted with a pre-installed keel strip, in addition to its inherent "foam padded keel protection" system, which protects the cover.

Accessories included with the Scubi 1 XL kayak

  • - 1) 1x cover
  • - 2) Repair kit including valve
  • - 3) 2x stems (front = higher and rear = flatter)
  • - 4) 4x cross rib: 2x bow/stern (=identical) and 2x centre (=identical)
  • - 5) 4x keel rod (2x identical, 1x with hemispherical end, 1x with riveted half tube)
  • - 6) 3x "foam pad" to be inserted in the fabric
  • - 7) Backpack for transport including waist strap (no picture)
  • - 8) Hand pump (no picture)
  • équipement kayak pliable

    An inflatable kayak easy to transport

    No laborious transport, no heavy loads to carry, no tedious assembly. Just grab this kayak in its compact backpack and take the bus or train (for example) to the nearest water point. In no time at all, you're sitting in the kayak ready to paddle: fun in all simplicity. That's the principle of scubi.
    The scubi is versatile. Conceived as a leisure kayak, it allows on one hand outings on weekends, holidays or just to get away for a time from the daily stress. But it's also an ideal kayak for more advanced riders who would like to make a short trip at the end of the day or a quiet expedition on the weekend.


    Length : 380 cm
    Width : 80 cm
    Weight : 12 kg
    Max. load : 130 kg
    Assembly time : ~10 minutes.
    Bag dimensions : 85 x 55 x 22 cm
    Materials : Fabric: PVC/Polyurethane composite
    Frame: lacquered aluminium

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