Inflatable Paddle Board Hydro Force Fastblast Tech 12.6

Inflatable SUP - Length: 12.6' / 381 cm - Width: 30"/ 76 cm - Thickness: 6"/ 15 cm - Weight: 15.3 kg - Fins: 1 removable central fin - Max user weight: 120 kg

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Hydro Force, is a brand of SUP boards for riders looking for quality at an affordable price. Their SUP boards come in a range adapted to all types of practices and all ages. Inflatable paddles with significant advantages for their users: careful design, guaranteed performance, all at the best value for money. You will also find a range of essential accessories, such as the leash or the Carry bag

to take your SUP to your favourite spot.
SUP Stand up Inflatable paddle board 12.6 Fastblast Tech Hydro Force

Advantages of Hydro-Force Fastblast Tech

  • 1. Stability Stable thanks to its volume.
  • 2. 2 carrying handles: one in the middle and one at the back
  • 3. 1 removable spoiler for optimal directional stability
  • 4. Drop Stitch Core
  • 5. Tri-Tech Construction
  • 6. Exceptional gliding quality: streamlined and taut shape suitable for hiking and running
  • 7. A Carry bag with straps and pockets
  • 8. A deck net for blocking a watertight bag
  • 9. Exemplary rigidity thanks to its 15 cm thickness
  • 10.A very large non-slip pad to provide comfort and grip

Construction of the SUP board Fastblast Tech Hydro Force

Bestway's Tri-Tech construction is made of a 3-ply reinforced lamination system; a polyester mesh core encased in two thick PVC layers, offering the greatest strength and durability. This assembly is particularly resistant to UV rays and hydrocarbons.

Dropstitch is an amazing material used to build SUP boards. This technology is also sometimes used in the manufacture of floating platforms, fishing boats but also airplane wings. This material makes it possible to build inflatables with flat surfaces that can be inflated to a high degree of rigidity and hard hull performance with the easy transport and storage of an inflatable. What makes this possible? Tens of thousands of fine wires
The process begins by joining two pieces of woven polyester carrier fabric with thousands of fine lengths of polyester yarn, then an airtight coating is applied to the outer surfaces on both sides of the material. The flank material is polyester fabric coated on both sides. Polyester yarn is used everywhere because it is strong, durable and very low stretch.
The actual assembly process involves tedious gluing of the sidewall material to the upper and lower parts of the drop point material. Then a wide seam strip is glued over each overlap seam for a hermetic end product. This allows for a super strong construction that can be inflated at pressures up to 15 (psi).

SUP Stand up Inflatable paddle board Cruiser Tech Hydro Force

Fastblast Tech, the SUP Race/Fast-touring of the Hydro Force range

The SUP Fastblast Tech is the model thought for navigation or long rides on the water. Indeed, its quality of finish and its dimensions make it an excellent SUP for those who want to go at full speed on flat water or at sea. The mix between its dimensions and its rigidity, resulting from the 15 cm thickness, make this SUP board a pure touring/race board. This SUP will make you a confirmed rider and will help you to progress. Note that it can accommodate riders up to 120 kg!
sup gonflable 15 cm The Fastblast Tech offers a stability that doesn't take anything away from its handling and has an anti-slip coating. It will be perfect for riders of all levels in calm waters but also for those who want to try their hand offshore! The 12.6' length is certainly the best for learning and progressing in speed and fitness mode. Thanks to FastBlast, you will be able to unsubscribe from your Crossfit room this summer.

Pad mousse stand up paddle race 12.6

The Pad

The crocodile skin-inspired pad with its honeycombed design is both soft and adherent. This very large pad is excellent for practicing in all serenity but also for beginners or to progress. You will be able to try several positions and inadvertently escape the slide

leash stand up paddle SUP race

The leash

The leash is an indispensable accessory for the practice of SUP in complete safety. It is the link between the rider and the board in case of a fall. The Hydro Force spiral leash is a space-saving leash that won't drag in the water behind your board and with which you won't risk getting tangled

Accessories supplied with the SUP board Fastblast Tech 12.6 Hydro Force

The SUP Hydro Force Fastblast Tech is one of the most comfortable SUPs in its class. Its size of 12.6' and its thickness of 15 cm offers a mix of glide and rigidity rarely simply ideal... especially at this price!
It will also come with a practical Carry bag with straps for efficient storage. Resistant and clever, this Carry bag is adapted to paddles of different sizes and allows you to store various accessories. Also included, the Hydro Force double action high pressure pump is really easy to use.

Accessoires SUP  pack prêt à naviguer


Length : 12.6' / 381 cm
Width : 30"/ 76 cm
Thickness : 6"/ 15 cm
Weight : 15,3 kg
Aileron : 1 removable central unit
Max. user weight : 120 kg
Size deflated : 381 x 76 cm

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Customer Reviews

2 Review(s)
August 15, 2021
Very good quality board. It's very stable even for a woman of 167 cm tall and not of a lot of weight. It's quite easy to maintain a balance even with some waves. It was of my choice, because it's quite fast. I highly recommend this product.
August 15, 2021
Very good quality board. It's very stable even for a woman of 167 cm tall and not of a lot of weight. It's quite easy to maintain a balance even with some waves. It was of my choice, because it's quite fast which permits to do some tours. I highly recommend this product.

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