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Inflatable Paddle Board Key West Classic Air 10.2

Inflatable SUP - Length: 10.2"/ 309.8 cm - Width: 31"/ 78.7 cm - Thickness: 6"/ 15.2 cm - Weight: 7.5 kg - Fin: 1 - Recommended ideal weight: from 55 to 95 kg - Maximum load: 130 kg

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Price as configured: $280.50


The Key West Classic Air 10.2 is a paddle board designed for medium weight users in flat or choppy water. Simple but effective, the Classic Air range provides the best value for money. The Classic Air 10.2 glides very well on the water even on long distances and is yet manoeuvrable and stable. The shape of the board prevents it from slipping sideways and the single fin allows for great tracking. Key West paddle boards stand out due to the great level of performance they offer but also for their stunning look.
Nootica's SUP Crew

A new brand in the watersports industry, Key West specialise in inflatable SUPs. Key West rides are stiff, rugged and lightweight at the same time thanks to Dropstitch technology and the use of cutting-edge materials. Tried and tested by passionate riders, Key West boards are designed to provide top performance at affordable prices. Every aspect of the production process has been thought through to make these boards stand out.

Construction Key West inflatable paddle board

Construction of a Key West Classic Air SUP

Inflatable paddle boards don’t have a rigid shell. The deck and bottom of the board are joined together by a weaving of thousands of tiny polyester threads. This technology is called Dropstitch. The outside layer is made of reinforced coated PVC. An additional PVC layer called a stringer adds extra stiffness to the board.
Drop stitch is an amazing material used to build SUP boards, but it has also been used to make floating platforms and even airplane wings! Drop stitch allows to build inflatable SUPs that can be blown up to high pressure, up to 15 psi. This means you get hard board performance along with ease of transport and storage of an inflatable SUP.


Key West chose to equip their boards with next-gen valves. Say goodbye to the old ULI valve. Let us now introduce the push push valve! How does it work?

1 - Unscrew the valve cap
2 – Push the button and turn it clockwise so that it is in Pin Out position.
3 – Connect the pump hose to the valve inflate outlet.
4 – Inflate until you reach the desired pressure.

The Key West Classic Air 9.5 should be blown up to 12 to 15 psi. Key West valves are really convenient and easy to use.

Key West sup valve

Stiff and manoeuvrable

The Classic Air 10.2 is the intermediate board in the range. An all-round paddle board, CA 10.2 can do pretty much everything, from cruising on flat water to surfing. With 15 cm in thickness, it is really stiff and can be used by riders up tp 90 kg!
15 cm paddle board Although it is extra stable, the Key West Classic Air s also very manoeuvrable and features an anti-slip, crocodile skin-like pad. This SUP is perfect for the medium weight riders who want to have fun in the waves or on flat water!

A paddle board, but not only!

Key West SUP boards are versatile. The Classic Air 10.2 is a featherweight with only 7.5 kg, which makes it very manoeuvrable and transportable.

inflatable sup kayak seat

Kayak mode

Little extra: this SUP can double as a kayak! Simply attach a kayak seat to the board and you’re good to go! This is one of the things that make Key West boards so innovative and versatile!

inflatable sup handle

Carry handle

The Classic Air is fitted with a neoprene carry handle. This padded handle is very comfortable and allows for easy transportation.

inflatable sup fin

Centre fin

The Classic Air 10.2 features a removable centre fin.
The centre fin is 9" long and needs to be inserted in the box rail and then locked into place with the locking pin.

This fin offers better balance and tracking. Many all-round SUPs and most touring boards have only one fin. Here the fin was placed strategically to strike the perfect balance between tracking and manoeuvrability.


The footpad of a paddle board is important when it comes to stability and manoeuvrability! The anti-slip pad will help you improve your balance and the diamond grooving is very soft and comfortable. This footpad has been designed to offer a secure foothold and help you keep your balance even in the waves.

inflatable sup footpad

Deck Features

sup d-rings

Two D-rings allow for a kayak seat to be attached. The front straps of the seat can be attached to the bungee cords rings..

sup cargo net

Cargo net with 4 D-rings enable you to secure a waterproof bag or some food.

What's in the box

sinflatable sup package

This Key West board comes with a transport bag with straps. This bag is handy and lightweight and allows for easy packing of the SUP board plus the included pump and even extra equipment such as a paddle, a towel or a dry bag. The pump can inflate up to 15 psi. It's lightweight and very easy to use.
sup accessories

The SUP comes with a removable centre fin, cargo net (already set up) and repair kit containing 3 PVC patches, a wrench and adhesive.

What you have to keep in mind

The length of a SUP board has an impact on its gliding/speed performance and on the turns. The longer the board, the faster it goes but the more difficult it is to turn. A wide board will be more stable but a bit slower and more difficult to turn. Paddle boards this length often have only 5" in thickness when the Classic Air 10.2 features 6", which makes it stiffer and therefore more stable.


Length : 309.8 cm / 10'2".
Width : 78.7 cm / 31".
Thickness : 15.2 cm / 6" .
Volume : 288 L
Weight : 7.5 kg / 15.43 lbs
Fins : 1 central fin
Ideal recommended weight : from 55 to 95 kg
Maximum load : 130 kg

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Customer Reviews

6 Review(s)
September 9, 2021
Nice product! I'm 1'73 and 77kg and its works really good even catching small waves. I recomend this board.
July 26, 2021
I am happy about this Paddle board. Everything great!
July 4, 2021
Very happy with my purchase! Well made & works great. Chose this for it's light weight, extra deck rings & price. Great customer service. Would recommend this board & Nootica to anyone!
September 24, 2020
Bought during lockdown, waited a while for delivery as to be expected. Good solid construction, looks great too. Have taken it out a handful of times now and can't fault it. The paddle has a pretty design but is aluminium and quite heavy, it's fine but will eventually upgrade. The fin is fiddly to remove and I usually keep something nearby to help push part of it down to pull the fin out but it's not a big deal. Overall I'm happy, especially for the price. Good starter board.
August 15, 2020
Bought during lockdown, so delivery was delayed - understandable. Arrived this week, on taking out of box was really impressed with packaging. Carry bag looks great and plenty big enough for board, pump and paddle. Inflated the board, which took about 5 mins - its quite an effort to get to the 15psi stated though with manual hand pump. Board really firm and appears very well made. Easy to deflate and again get back into bag. The paddle is aluminium and although pretty basic, looks good and will do fine until a more expensive carbon one is bought. Havent used on water yet but am confident it will perform well.

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