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Marine Battery Minn Kota Low self-discharge 105 AH

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105 AH. Calcium / Calcium. 277 x 175 x 190. Starter / Service / Low self-discharge.


1 year warranty

Made in FR


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This range is designed as starter battery and for non intensive use as a power supply of devices on the boat.
The positive and negative plates of the Calcium/Calcium batteries are made with the expanded metal technology to obtain finer plates thus limiting the obstruction.

This technology offers the following advantages:
- Great efficiency on the start-up
- Very good conductivity
- Self-discharge nearly 0% thanks to the alloy lead/calcium.

The battery lifetime depends mainly on the maintenance you make on it. When you do not use it, it is important to regularly check its voltage by a electronic voltmeter. A battery charged 12.8 volt is 100% of its capacity. When it is 12.38 volt, it must be charged urgently.

When it indicates 12 volt, it is 0% charged.
It cannot anymore start engine.
Thus it is very important to regularly re-charge the battery using a specific charger respecting low-discharge charging phases. During the charge and mainly with the use of on-board charger, it is important to adequately ventilate the engine compartment. Never leave a battery that is partially discharged: it must be immediately charged.


Dimensions (mm) : L 344 x Prof 175 x H 231 :
Tray: C13 :
Intensity: 105 Amp/hour :
Weight: 26.8 kg :
Power: 700 :
Voltage: 12 Vcc :

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