Meandros Argo Open Speargun - 85

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Meandros Argo speargun • ø 32 mm aerospace aluminium alloy tube • Revolutionary reverse mechanism • Argo Leader handle • Open muzzle ø 16 mm double circular rubber band • ø 7.0 mm single flopper shaft with fin


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Made in Europe


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Meandros Argo Speargun

The Argo is the flagship and also the top-of-the-range speargun from Meandros. It meets the needs of demanding spearos who are not satisfied with traditional barrel guns.

Special attention has been paid to all these parameters to make Argo easy to use and offer unprecedented ballistic performance. This model has been designed to address the problems and weaknesses of traditional spearguns with aluminum or carbon barrels, such as high recoil, deformation, buoyancy and that all components last over time.

speargun handle

The Argo is equipped with a Leader handle, the most advanced and ergonomic in the world, which is particularly discreet and has an anatomical non-slip grip, loading butt end, shaft guide with friction reducer and also ambidextrous monofilament guide.

It is also equipped with an inverted mechanism in ultra-resistant stainless steel with minimal weight and sensitivity. The trigger increases the loading length by 9.5 cm. The mechanism is equipped with an ambidextrous line release. But it is indeed the revolutionary pin roller system (on request) that makes this mechanism unique by offering zero friction on the point of contact with the bar and by distributing the load on three points. The result: the pressure exerted on the trigger to release the shaft is much less than with a conventional reverse mechanism.

The oval shape of the aluminium alloy barrel, equipped with a hydroplaning rail, reduces friction while bringing rigidity to the whole with a positive but almost neutral buoyancy of +5.69 g/cm. This almost neutral buoyancy, combined with an ultra-resistant shaft, results in a solid, responsive and powerful speargun.

speargun muzzle

The rigidity of the barrel combined with the absence of recoil, allows for incredible accuracy and shooting performance at a distance of 5 times the length of the barrel from the tip of the arrow. The Argo is a rugged spearfishing speargun that guarantees excellent rigidity while minimizing recoil energy loss. An equal shooting quality cannot be achieved with a classic 28x1mm aluminium or 30x2mm carbon shaft. In order to obtain a similar level of rigidity outside the barrel, Meandros has taken particular care with the attachment points of the head on the tube so that deformation is almost nil even with a high load.

The type 2 open head has an elegant hydrodynamic design that allows the speargun to be easily steered in any direction. The two rubber bands are placed at different heights, which further contributes to the responsiveness of the abalone and the absence of vibration and friction between them. A stainless steel ballast system ensures a precise balance.

Finally, the minimalist but very resistant thread guide that accompanies the thread inside the head should be highlighted. It avoids oscillations and allows the rubber band to work harmoniously with the mechanism and the thread guide of the head.

Compatible with all Meandros reels.

Available in 85, 95, 105, 115 and 130 cm versions

 Warning: Handmade. Colors and accessories can be modified by the manufacturer according to the productions and without previous notice. Pictures are not contractual.


Tube material : Aerospace aluminium alloy
Tube shape : Oval, elliptical
Buoyancy : + 5.69 g / cm
Handle : Argo Leader
Grip : Right-handed, anatomical, detachable
Muzzle : Open B32
Rubber band : 2 x 16 mm
Colour : Black matt

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