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Miniconsole Cressi 2

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Two Elements - Depth Gauge - Minimanometer




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Mini Console 2 is a console with reduced dimensions that houses the Cressi mini pressure gauge and a new small analogue depth gauge.
It is a high quality instrument, with a metal case and a membrane sensor, offering a wide reading range.
On the luminescent dial the first 12 metres, which correspond to the decompression stop area, are well separated and perfectly readable.
The end of the display is at 70 meters and the dial is divided into 3 coloured sectors: green up to 20 meters, light blue from 20 to 40 meters and red from 40 meters to the end of the display.
The instrument has a maximum depth hand, which remains locked at the deepest depth reached during the dive.
The manometer and the depth gauge have a certain angulation between them, making it easy and quick to read each of the instruments whatever the environmental conditions.

Weight: 420 grams (including HP hose)
At the end of the console, slightly offset on both sides, there are two eyelets for attaching the instrument to the vest. This prevents the instrument from hanging down and becoming entangled and damaged.

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