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NASA MeteoMan - Weather vane and temperature sensor

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MeteoMan display with weather vane and temperature sensor


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For a skipper planning a trip, it is essential to be able to rely on reliable weather forecasts.

Strengths: ease of use, reliability, robustness, very low power consumption.

Variations in barometric pressure and changes in wind speed can be valuable indicators of impending weather changes. Many sailors rely on cheap, often inaccurate and low-resolution barometers. In addition, these barometers do not store information. Instruments using paper recordings are of better quality but fragile and not very ergonomic.

The MeteoMan solves all these problems. It provides, in abundance, accurate and high-resolution barographic records. It stores data on barometric pressure and wind speed for up to 5 days.

The MeteoMan comes with an NMEA airborne sensor, which gives you wind direction, speed and external temperature. The display shows wind direction, speed, ambient temperature and barometric pressure.

In addition to the weather functions, the MeteoMan has a marine stopwatch, clock, countdown timer and indoor temperature sensor. In addition, it indicates the voltage of your batteries.

The MeteoMan can be connected to the NMEA Clipper "wind vane anemometer" navigation unit, to record, via the display, the wind direction and speed.

Technical specifications :

- The airborne sensor is supplied with its holder and 20 meters of cable.
- Sentences NMEA 0183 : wind direction and speed (MWV), temperature (XDR)

Atmospheric pressure
- From 850 to 1100 mb (adjustment possible to compensate for altitude).
Pressure history :
- Variation 1: 950 to 1050mb
- Variation 2: 980 to 1030mb with a resolution of 0.5mb
Time history :
- 0 to 120 hours.
- 0 to 60 hours.
- 0 to 30 hours.

- Speed: 100 knots maximum.
Speed history :
- Variation 1: 0 to 100 knots.
- Variation 2: 0 to 50 knots.
- Variation 3: 0 to 25 knots.
Time history :
- 0 to 120 hours.
- 0 to 60 hours.
- 0 to 30 hours.

Weather vane
- 0 to 360 degrees
- 180 degrees port to 180 degrees starboard (in nautical mode)
- Analog or digital display with 1 degree resolution.
- Format 12 or 24 hours.
- Countdown of 10 and 5 minutes.
- Stopwatch with split time.

- External temperature (with the aerial equipped with the sensor).
- Indoor temperature.
- Resolution 1 degree centigrade.

Power supply
- 9 to 15 volts.
- The voltage is displayed on the screen with a resolution of 0.1 volts.


Power supply : 9 to 15 volts.
Consumption : - 100 mA and 150 mA with backlight
- Stand by mode: 10 mA

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