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Nortik Lightraft Packraft

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Length: 180 cm - Width: 91,5 cm - Inner dimensions: 116 x 39 cm - Weight: 2,1 kg | seat 0,15 kg | pump bag 0,26 kg | storage bag 0,13 kg - Bag dimensions: 40 x 15 cm - Colours: orange / black


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The LightRaft is with its 2.1 kg a Packraft for real weight hunters and minimalism lovers. This weight criterion should not prevent maximum enjoyment on the water - on the contrary! This small and agile raft is a real added value in the Packrafts nortik family.

By the kayaking team


The nortik label is a protected trademark. One of the product lines includes the TrekRaft (known in France as Packrafts): ultra-light inflatable boats for whitewater navigation, which allow you to combine trekking and rafting, hence the name TrekRaft. There is a whole range of possible activities for nature lovers. Don't hesitate to take a look at our pages dedicated to TrekRafts, we bet you'll be as excited as we are!

Packraft Nortik LightRaft

This "little savage" is folded into a storage bag that looks more like a toilet bag than a packraft bag worthy of the name. The LightRaft really slips in everywhere and can be taken with you on any occasion. The materials and manufacturing techniques are those of TrekRaft nortik. If a small model is enough for you, you can maximise your pleasure without further ado with the minimalist nortik package!



Length : 180 cm
Width : 91,5 cm
Interior dimensions : 116 x 39 cm
Weight : 2.1 kg | seat 0.15 kg | pump bag 0.26 kg | storage bag 0.13 kg
Bag dimensions : 40 x 15 cm
Colors : orange / black
Max. load : 150kg
Assembly time : Three minutes.

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