Nortik scubi 1 inflatable kayak

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Length: 320 cm • Width: 75 cm • Weight: 9 kg • Maximum payload: 110 kg • Assembly time: ~10 min • Bag dimensions: 88 x 18 x 37 cm

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The principle of scubi is above all the pleasure on the water in all simplicity. Based on proven techniques on folding and inflatable kayaks, the scubi is a hybrid that combines both systems. This hybrid technology was applied for the first time with the scubi 1, and then gave rise to a whole series of popular inflatable kayak: the scubi family! Here we have a skeleton reduced to its bare minimum in combination with pneumatic elements. This combination gives the kayak the rigidity and structure necessary for better water performance, compared to other inflatable kayaks of the same size.
By Nootica kayak experts


The nortik label is a protected trademark. One of the first products introduced under this brand with great success was the nortik scubi 1, a foldable-inflatable hybrid kayak. The larger model, the scubi 2, followed very quickly. The range now includes 4 different models (scubi 1, scubi 2, scubi 3 and the latest addition to the family the scubi 1 XL). The hybrid technology invented by nortik is one of the most innovative technology on the inflatable canoe and kayak market.

The Nortik Scubi range

The specificity of the scubi is its solid structure, which is reminiscent of that of folding kayaks, while being reduced to a minimum, to maintain a very low weight and a very short assembly time. All elements and supports for the bladders are connected to each other. The four small supports come to tighten the structure transversely. The bottom is not made up of inflatable elements, which allows a much deeper immersion in the water. Unlike most inflatable kayaks, this particular construction gives the boat good nautical performance.

kayak pliable
kayak pliable

Scubi Inflatable Kayak Technology 1

This hybrid technology also ensures quick and easy assembly. The bladders are inflated with a pressure of 0.25 bar. The PVC-Polyurethane outer fabric is robust and tear-resistant. In addition, the underside of the boat is fitted with a keel strip that protects against rubbing. The scubi is versatile. Designed as a leisure kayak, it allows you to go out for weekends, holidays or just for the simple pleasure of paddling and getting away from the daily stress for a moment. At the same time, it's an ideal spare kayak for pro paddlers who would like to make a short trip at the end of the day or a quiet weekend expedition.

Accessories included with the Scubi 1 kayak

  • - 1) 1x cover
  • - 2) 2x stems (bow and stern = identical)
  • - 3) 2x keel rod, one of which with riveted half tube
  • - 4) 2x large cross rib with clip
  • - 5) 2x small cross rib
  • - 6) 1x Seat
  • - 7) 2x inflatable bladder
  • - 8) 1x separator bag with integrated plate
  • - 9) 1x pump
  • - 10) 1x spraydeck
  • - 11) 1x repair kit
  • - 12) 1x waist strap to be attached to the carry-on backpack
  • - 13) 1x carry backpack (not illustrated)
  • équipement kayak pliable

    An inflatable kayak easy to transport

    No laborious transport, no heavy loads to carry, no tedious assembly. Just grab this kayak in its compact backpack and take the bus or train (for example) to the nearest water point. In no time at all, you're sitting in the kayak ready to paddle: fun in all simplicity. That's the principle of scubi.

    !!! WARNING !!!

    Inflatable kayaks should never be stored in the sun when inflated. Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to an increase in pressure which can cause damages to bladders, seams and zippers.

    This kind of damage will not be taken under warranty.


    Length : 320 cm
    Width : 75 cm
    Weight : 9 kg
    Max. payload : 110 kg (110 lbs.)
    Assembly time : ~10 minutes.
    Bag dimensions : 88 x 18 x 37 cm
    Colors : red/black matt
    Materials : Fabric: PVC/Polyurethane composite
    Frame: lacquered aluminium

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