Nortik Scubi 2 XL inflatable kayak

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Length: 480 cm • Width: 90 cm • Weight: 19 kg • Maximum payload: 250 kg • Assembly time: ~15 min • Bag dimensions: 120 x 48 x 25 cm

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Price as configured: $2,164.92


A scubi 2 that everyone fits into, even the biggest paddlers? A scubi 2 that can be assembled in no time at all and comes with two high-pressure tubes that can withstand up to 0.4 bar? A neat hybrid technology kayak with minimal frame construction? An innovative internal "foam padded keel protection" system, which - in addition to the protective tape adhering to the keel - considerably reduces the damage to the canvas? A storage bag whose dimensions are more reminiscent of a medium-sized backpack than a kayak bag? A boat of extraordinary lightness with only 19 kg? Boat performances that are usually expected more in the touring/hiking segment than in the leisure segment?
The nortik scubi 2 XL, it's all that at once!
By the kayaking team


The nortik label is a protected trademark. One of the first products introduced under this brand with great success was the nortik scubi 1, a foldable-inflatable hybrid kayak. The larger model, the scubi 2, followed very quickly. The range undergone now includes 4 different models (scubi 1, scubi 2, scubi 3 and the latest addition to the family the scubi 1 XL). The hybrid technology invented by nortik is one of the most innovative innovations the transportable canoe and kayak market has ever seen.

The Nortik Scubi XL range

The scubi 2 XL is definitely more than faithful to the slogan "easy paddling: the scubi principle"! We think it's the fastest mountable hybrid kayak, and it's built in a jiffy. Designed for recreational use, it is in fact very versatile. The scubi 2 XL, like the other scubi models, is based on the hybrid technology of the nortik brand and unites the advantages of the tyre and the folding system in a spectacular way. We have fun in this boat and for a kayak of this length it is, due to the specificity of its keel, incredibly manoeuvrable.
We wouldn't be surprised to see the scubi 2 XL shaking up the touring segment as well. The scubi 2 XL is after all excellent manoeuvrability, quick and easy assembly, light weight, high mobility, low price and endless fun on the water!

kayak pliable
kayak pliable

Scubi 2 XL inflatable kayak technology

By combining the best of inflatable and folding kayak technology, the scubi 1 XL is a hybrid of both systems. The minimal frame gives the kayak the rigidity, structure and water penetration capacity necessary for better water performance, compared to just inflatable kayaks of this size with a flat keel.
On the other hand, the pneumatic elements are an integral part of the boat and guarantee quick and easy assembly. The flanges are inflated with a pressure between 0.30 and 0.35 bar. Two pressure relief valves provide additional safety. The scubi fabric is made of a robust material, a mixture of PVC and polyurethane. A proven material, particularly resistant to abrasion. What's more, it absorbs little cold and remains very flexible compared to materials made of PVC alone at low temperatures. The underside of the kayak is also fitted with a pre-installed keel strip, in addition to its inherent "foam padded keel protection" system, which protects it from chafing.

Accessories included with the Scubi 2 XL kayak

  • - 1) 1x canvas
  • - 2) forward bow (higher and more curved)
  • - 3) Rear bow (lower and more open)
  • - 4) 4x keel stringers
  • - 5) For the front seat: 1x open torque (narrower than the rear seat) and 1x closed torque (wider than the rear seat)
  • - 6) For the rear seat: 1x open torque and 1x closed torque
  • - 7) bow and stern pairings
  • - 8) Carrying backpack
  • - 9) Repair kit
  • - 10) Hand inflator with pressure gauge (not shown)
  • équipement kayak pliable

    An inflatable kayak easy to transport

    No laborious transport to the boat site, no heavy loads to carry, no tedious assembly. You simply grab the compact carrying bag (which also doubles as a backpack in the complete kit) to take the bus or train to the nearest water point, for example. In no time at all, we're sitting in the kayak ready to paddle: the pleasure is there, quite simply. That's the principle of scubi. Always and everywhere.
    With the scubi 2 XL, nortik hybrid technology takes a new turn. This kayak is by far the most versatile of the entire scubi family. Assembly is always quick, the nautical performance is excellent and, above all, it can be used in a thousand different ways! Same type of construction as our best-seller the scubi 1 XL, this two-seater variant offers more flexibility than its little brother. By installing the optional 3rd seat in the centre (2 possible positions), you can vary between single, two and three seater. A small child can sit facing the rear paddler, an average child can paddle in the direction of travel, the solo paddler sits in the ideal position in the middle. The scubi 2 XL grows with you and transforms itself according to your requirements!

    !!! WARNING !!!

    Inflatable kayaks should never be stored in the sun when inflated. Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to an increase in pressure which can cause damages to bladders, seams and zippers.

    This kind of damage will not be taken under warranty.


    Length : 480 cm
    Width : 90 cm
    Weight : 19 kg
    Max. load : 250 kg
    Assembly time : ~15 min
    Bag dimensions : 120 x 48 x 25 cm
    Materials : Fabric: PVC/Polyurethane composite
    Frame: lacquered aluminium

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