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Omer Airbalete Mimetic Speargun with One Reel - 80 cm

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A revolutionary speargun that combines the best features of pneumatic spearguns to the maneuverability and aim advantages of rubber guns.

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A revolutionary speargun that combines the best features of pneumatic spearguns to the maneuverability and aim advantages of rubber guns. The handle can be easily removed.

Once removed there is access to the dump valve of the gun. The trigger mechanism is designed to offer a sensitive trigger independent of the amount of air pressure preloaded in the barrel. The gun is equipped with a 6.75 mm (17/64”) diameter spring stainless 17-4 ph spear-shaft and a pump.

The reel “ONE” 3D is equipped only in the AIRbalete Camu 3D (with 50 meters capability -approx 164 feet- in the 70, 80 and 90 version and with 80 meters capability (approx 260 feet) in the 100 and 110 versions).


The Tube : Made with the technology Hydroforming to get a particular shape and provide maximum maneuverability in the water. Inside 11 mm barrel and can accept all arrows with a diameter between 6 and 7 mm.

The Mechanism : The mechanism of stringer has been designed to maintain an extreme sensitivity to the trigger, as independently as possible of the air pressure in the tank. This is obtained through the step-down rod movement of the trigger and the retro trigger. The attachment hook arrow, inside the tank, is made from a special high strength steel treated with a special coating of Teflon to minimize friction. A lateral grip wire very innovative stainless steel, like those of most modern crossbows, is associated with this mechanism.

The Head : The new head has a system power reduction, quick and easy to insert during spearfishing. The flow holes of the water inside the tube is made with very generous dimensions and inclination to make easier the passage of the water. They can be closed by simple rotation. And it decreases the speed of the arrow up to about 15%.

The Grip : An innovative handle design resembles of modern band guns. Like those handles, the hand holding the speargun is positioned in the alignment of the arrow contained in the barrel and not under the tube like with all pneumatic spearguns which are currently sold on the market. This feature allows an action sighting prey much neater and instinctive, like with a speargun elastic. The handle can be easily removed through a stainless oversized axis on which fixed the tube. . Once removed there is access to the dump valve which remains tight during the use of the speargun. The handle grip can be replaced by a handle grip ergonomic available in spare parts for both right-handed and left-handers.

The Reel : New Reels ONE combine innovative design with proven solutions that make them highly efficient and extremely professional. Positioning especially in back and the small overall dimensions, make that these reels will bring the minimum of embarrassment during the fishing action by slightly affecting the balance of the speargun.
The vertical position of the movable axis line payout and the special plate make practically impossible the phenomenon of the wig. Friction on high friction surface allows either the complete blocking of the drum, or the immediate release of the friction by exploiting even the traction of fish. Crank in stainless steel, long and resistant to ensure fast rewind when retrieving large fish, is not embarrassing since it retracts inside the reel while fishing.

The slide : The new metal slide Microspeed is the result of long research studies to obtain a reduced hydrodynamic friction, also, ensure maximum precision of shooting and high strength traction. Produced by a technical process of micro fusion AISI 304 stainless steel, it has small overall dimensions and two fins for passing wire through the holes inclined at approximately 30%.

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