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Pioneer 5mmMares suit - Size: II

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Le compagnon inséparable !

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The inseparable companion!

The Pioneer is an all-terrain combination.

The knees and shoulders are protected with a special soft rubber, with high resistance.

Extra long front zipper makes it easier to put it on and take it off than ever before.
The wrists and ankles have a GlideSkin finish for better waterproofing.
Includes a hood with GlideSkin seal.

- Ideal for travel:

In today's travel world we have to endure the strict constraints of aviation companies, so the design of your equipment must ensure that its characteristics are adapted to the trip.
Lightness, rationality, ease of storage and a worry-free look are just some of the features of the equipment that is marked as ideal for travel.

- Used in many diving centers:

For 60 years, Mares has put its experience at the service of the development and production of high quality diving equipment.
This experience has led to the creation of a line of diving products completely dedicated to use in rental and diving centers.

- Adjustable collar closure:

The new neck closure allows you to adjust the neck tightening as desired.
Velcro folds back when necessary to eliminate any creasing of the plush or neoprene.
The rear slides with skin-to-skin sealing guarantee maximum protection against water ingress.

Glide Skin :

For neck, wrist and ankle joints, Glideskin uses a special finish that has many advantages.
Extremely slippery: the suit is easy to put on and take off, while keeping an excellent seal against the skin. Heat: a low thermal conduction that makes the suit warmer.
Easy to clean: excellent characteristics to repel dirt and water.


Size II : From 1.71m to 1.75m
Chest circumference 93 to 97 cm
Waist circumference 67 to 71 cm
Hip circumference 81 to 85 cm
Size III : From 1.75m to 1.79m
Chest circumference 97 to 101 cm
Waist size 71 to 75 cm
Hip circumference 85 to 89 cm
Size IV : From 1.79m to 1.84m
Chest circumference 101 to 105 cm
Waist circumference 75 to 79 cm
Hip circumference 89 to 93 cm
Size V : From 1.84m to 1.88m
Chest circumference 105 to 109 cm
Waist size 79 to 83 cm
Hip circumference 93 to 97 cm
Size VI : From 1.88m to 1.92m
Chest circumference 109 to 113 cm
Waist size 83 to 87 cm
Hip circumference 97 to 101 cm
Size VII : From 1.92m to 1.96m
Chest circumference 113 to 117 cm
Waist circumference 87 to 91 cm
Hip circumference 101 to 105 cm

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