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EXTASY GLUE, special glue for the repair and gluing of all products made of PVC.


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EXTASY GLUE, special glue for the repair and gluing of all products made of PVC.


Working temperature:

18°C to 30°C
The adhesive and the materials to be bonded must not be used at temperatures below + 18°C.
Adhesive exposed to low temperatures must be thoroughly mixed and tempered to a temperature of 18 - 30°C
of 18 - 30°C minimum 72 hours before use.

Surface preparation:

The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry, free of dust and grease.


Apply a thin, even film of adhesive to the two materials to be joined. After the airing time of
After the airing time of 2 to 5 minutes display the two materials. The open time as well as the ventilation time depends on
The open time as well as the aeration time depends on the ambient temperature, the thickness of the applied layer and the absorbency of the substrates.
As soon as the solvents have evaporated, the adhesive film becomes matt and both substrates can be reactivated
can be reactivated at a temperature of approx. +70°C and displayed directly with a good contact pressure.
pressure. In some cases, it is possible to accelerate the drying process by using a heating tunnel, which allows the reactivation to take place immediately.


Do not store for more than 6 months at room temperature in the unopened original packaging at a temperature of 15°C to 25°C. Always close the packaging tightly during use to avoid thickening of the adhesive due to evaporation of solvents.


Avoid direct contact with the product and work in well-ventilated areas or, better still, provide a vacuum at the workstation. Wearing of gloves, mask and protective clothing is recommended. Please observe the regulations concerning the use of hazardous substances and the measures applicable in the event of an accident.
For further information, please read the Safety Data Sheet, which is available on written request.

Composition :
Polyurethane resin, toluene, acetone, MEK, ethyl acetate

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