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Rip Curl Bomb Pro 4/3 Zipless E Bomb Pro 4/3 Men's Suit - Maroon | 2019

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Full suit - Men's model - 4/3mm - Zipless closure - Magnetic pocket - Neoprene E6 - Temperature of 12°C - 17°C

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Men's suit Rip Curl E Bomb Pro 4/3 Zipless - Maroon - S | 2019



Men's Rip Curl E Bomb Pro 4/3 Zipless - Maroon - MS | 2019



Rip Curl Bomb Pro 4/3 Zipless E Bomb Pro 4/3 Men's Suit - Maroon - M | 2019



Rip Curl Bomb Pro 4/3 Zipless E Bomb Pro 4/3 Men's Suit - Maroon - L | 2019




Construction of the E Bomb 4/3 mm Rip Curl

Combinaison néoprène stretch et flex Neoprene E6

Super stretch and ultra lightweight, the Neoprene E6 is soft to the touch, synonymous with comfort when worn.

Combinaison néoprène stretch et flex Closure with adjustable elastic band

The adjustment of the collar by elastic tightening on the chest zip and zip free prevents water ingress and allows to adapt to each morphology.

hydro-lock Hydro lock

Smooth neck interior to prevent irritation and minimize water ingress.

Combinaison surf avec poche Small pocket with magnetic closure

Small knee pocket with an internal elastic buckle to put your keys in.

Seams and accessories of the E Bomb 4/3 mm Rip Curl

Coutures collées cousues de la combinaison Dawn Patrol Rip Curl Glued/stitched seams

Triple glued and blind stitched seams to provide maximum stretch, strength and waterproofing.

Renforts aux genoux de la combinaison E Bomb Rip Curl Knee reinforcements

Knee reinforcements increase durability and limit abrasion without sacrificing flexibility. Neoprene E6 is used for the inserts.

Galonnage des coutures de la combinaison Rip Curl E Bomb Galvanizing at critical locations

The inner galvanizing reinforces the seams. This is achieved by adding either small strips of neoprene or patches, in the most stressed areas. This increases the strength and durability of the seams under high stress. This has the effect of limiting long-term water intakes while ensuring a truly flexible combination.

Combinaison surf sans couture sous les bras et les épaules Seamless underarm and shoulder seams

A seamless finish under the arms and on the shoulders limits irrigation and improves the freedom of all movements.

Rip Curl neoprene wetsuit with ZIPLESS closure

It is the most technical wetsuit to put on. It is to be avoided for the less flexible among us. This type of opening can be scary at first ("it's going to be hard to put on!"), but it's childishly simple! The ultra soft neoprene allows you to slip easily into the wetsuit, without struggling and looks like you're coming out of a sauna session after 10 minutes of fighting

How to put on the suit?
  • 1. Thread the legs and go up to the top
  • 2. Put on the left sleeve
  • 3. Put on the right sleeve
  • 4. Fold down the suit to pass the head
  • 5. Tighten
  • + Ultra water proof closure
  • +Maximum comfort in movement
  • + The best thermal protection
Combinaison surf Front zip
size chart

Why choose the neoprene wetsuit E Bomb 4/3 mm from Rip Curl?

The latest E Bomb Zipless wetsuit offers performance and comfort. A true top-of-the-range combination, it features all the latest technology
The Rip Curl E Bomb wetsuit is by far the favorite wetsuit of professional riders, be sure!

échelle de température


Opening : Zipless
Thickness : 4/3mm
Gender : Man
Material : Neoprene E6

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