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Rockside Grand Voyager Supercharged Inflatable Kayak 3 person

Length 410 cm • Width 96 cm • High pressure floor • 3 Persons • Max load: 250 kg • Weight: 16.8 kg

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Price as configured: $621.44


The Rockside Grand Voyager Supercharged is an inflatable kayak 3 person featuring a high pressure floor. It can be used as a one-seat or two-seats kayak. It is designed for sea, river or lake kayaking, and can even be used in white water (up to class 3).

Built with a Dropstitch floor, the kayak's chambers are made of PVC with a nylon cover. The rigid floor offers a good glide and the PVC chambers provides unique stability. The Rockside Grand Voyager Supercharged is ideal for families but does also great as a solo kayak.

By Vincent, Kayak Manager at

Inflatable kayak 3 person with high pressure floor

A more supportive version of the Grand Voyager. this kayak is Reliable, roomy and comfortable. A reliable, roomy and comfortable inflatable kayak. It is ideal for coastal fun in the sea or paddling on lakes. It is made of durable double-layer PVC entirely coated with nylon that makes the floor even stiffer. The exterior is also reinforced for increased durability.
Resistant: there is nothing to worry about even if you come across rocks or other obstacles. This kayak has a sturdy and resistant nylon cover. We tested the Vulcain Supercharged in the sea and it proved extremely robust. This model has similar durability and stability as the Aqua Marina Betta VT-K2 inflatable kayak.
Safe: The three independent air chambers provide extra safety and stability, not to mention the double-layer floor that further enhances the boat's stiffness and stability.
Handy and comfortable: the Rockside Vulcain kayak was designed with comfort in mind with its 2 removable side chambers. The kayak has enough room to allow for two adults to sit comfortably without feeling crammed.

3 man  inflatable kayakRockside Grand Voyager Surpercharged 3 person

What's in the box?

Inflatable kayak drainInflatable kayak drain
  • 1 Fin
  • 1 Repair kit
  • 1 Carry bag
  • 1 pressure gauge
Accessories includedAccessories included
Inflatable kayak high pressure floorInflatable kayak with high pressure floor


The kayak floor is made of Drostitch, a material made of two layers of PVC joined together by thousands of polyester threads. This floor can be inflated to high pressure (up to 7 psi) and offers increased stiffness to the kayak. which is therefore more supportive than a kayak without Dropstitch technology.

Although Rockside products are very affordable, the brand pays particular attention to the quality of this material and to the density of polyester threads, because the more threads, the stiffer the Dropstitch. This Dropstitch offers extra lightweight construction while at the same time increasing the stiffness of the kayak.

The side tubes are covered in a durable nylon cover which make the kayak extremely hard-wearing.

Adjustable and comfortable seats for 3 users

Three comfy seats with high backrest are included in the package, they can be easily adjusted with straps
The seat is made of compensated foam, which provides more comfort for endless fun on the water. The 3 adjustable seats offer maximum comfort and the boat can be used as a duo or solo. You can secure the seats with Velcro strips on the floor, attach the straps to the d-rings located on the sides of the kayak and finally adjust the length of the straps.

inflatable kayak seatsInflatable kayak seat
Fin inflatable kayakThat's why this kayak is so easy to manoeuvre

Excellent tracking

Like all Rockside kayaks, the Grand Voyager Supercharged offers good performance and its design allows for easy manoeuvring. The floor makes the kayak track very well on flat water and the V-shaped bow cuts through the water easily. Thanks to its great glide the Rockside Grand Voyager makes kayaking fun and easy!

carry handlesCaryy handles

Easy transport

The Grand Voyager Supercharged inflatable kayak is equipped with 2 handles at the front and 2 side handles. Two people can easily carry it around, These comfortable and padded handles will enable you to easily put the kayak to the water and also rinse it after use.

Important: Never forget that an inflatable kayak should be rinsed with fresh water after use.

Inflatable kayak carry bagCarry bag

Smart carry bag

Rockside make user-friendly products and think everything through down to the last detail! In addition to offering good quality kayaks at very attractive prices, they also took special care in designing the accessories. The carry bag for example is roomy enough to fit the kayak and all the accessories you will need to go kayaking:

  • inflatable kayak
  • kayak paddles (ideally 4-piece paddles)
  • inflatable pumps
  • buoyancy aids
  • waterproof bags

The valves

The Grand Voyager Supercharged features Boston valves for easy inflation / deflation.
A Boston valve is a two-part valve. In inflate mode, only the valve cap must be unscrewed. Thanks to an air-retaining flap, the inner tube does not deflate when the pump is removed. To deflate, simply valve base. Inflation and deflation become fast and easy thanks to the Rockside hybrid pump.

The dropstitch floor has a high pressure valve. Correctly position the check valve, fit the hose firmly into the valve and turn it a quarter turn clock-wise, then pump up to 7 psi.

inflatable kayak valvesRockside Grand Voyager Supercharged valves

The Rockside Grand Voyager Supercharged in a nutshell

grand voyager superchargedInflatable kayak 3 persons high pressure floor


  • Roomy
  • Resistant
  • Suitable for coastal waters
  • Handy
  • Ready-to-use package
  • Comes with a carry bag large enough to store all accessories
  • Rear deck net for a waterproof bag or container
  • Can be used as a 1 man, 2 man or 3 man kayak
  • Drain system for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Inflates in 10 minutes
  • Suitable for family fun and short trips
  • Max load 250 kg

The Rockside Grand Voyager Supercharged is an inflatable family kayak for short sea, lake or river trips.

!!! WARNING !!!

Inflatable kayaks should never be stored in the sun when inflated. Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to an increase in pressure which can cause damages to the bladders, seams and zippers.

This kind of damage does not fall under the warranty.


Length : 410 cm
Width : 96 cm
Number of inflatable chambers : 3
Max load : 250 kg
High pressure floor : yes
Weight (kayak + seats) : 16,8 Kg

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Customer Reviews

3 Review(s)
October 29, 2021
Everything I bought is more that I expected. Kayak really looks good. I am waiting to go on water.
July 15, 2021
Very pleased. Rigid, stable, lightweight, tracks well, easy to inflate and deflate /pack. Definitely recommend.
Mike B, Scotland
July 13, 2021
People always seem to ask where I got this kayak when it is out. I have two inflatables, pleased with both but this one is the quickest and glides the best. Loads of room for two people and well built. Dries quickly due to design and removable dropstich floor. Fairly narrow so you don't hit the sides with your paddle. Sides run parallel for most of the length of the kayak so plenty of room for provisions. Well built and excellent value.

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