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Cape Horn signal mirror - Thickness: 4 mm Diameter: 86 mm - Central hole: 7 mm - Cord hole: 3 mm

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What is a signal mirror?

This signal mirror Cape Horm is scheduled for optimising the location of a person in distress at sea. This boat signal mirror is mandatory on board your boat.
It is a small round mirror with a circle in its centre, also known as a heliograph mirror (from the Greek: helios, "sun", and graphein, "to write") inspired by wireless military communication devices, which operate with flashes of sunlight reflected by a mirror.

This signal mirror is a regulation and is highly recommended for survival at sea. As it works with the sun, it requires no energy or batteries and remains usable as long as there is sunlight. It is lightweight and resistant to breakage. Another advantage is that the boat mirror can be used with one hand, which comes in handy when you are in a critical situation, clinging to a lifebuoy for example. It can be attached by means of its tab allowing the passage of a cord, to a life jacket or a belt, to avoid losing it.

Inscription help on the sand

How to use a signal mirror?

This mirror is easy to use and accurate. Simply aim your eye through the central hole to see a red circle on a nearby surface. Once the red circle is located, point it towards the rescue or the boat, moving it gently to create a flash of light.
Even if help is not in sight, emitting regular flashes of light while scanning the horizon with this survival mirror will allow you to be seen by any passing boats, it has a range of up to 10 km.

Thickness: 4 mm

Diameter:  86 mm

Central hole:  7 mm

Rope hole:  3 mm

Remember to bring the other compulsory regulatory equipment on your boat to ensure your safety at sea et that of your passengers, such as the lifebuoy lights, harnesses and tethers, torches or strobe light.

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