Surface Markers

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Weight SalviMar marking - 400 Gr

Weight 400 Gr marking wire - Coated with black polyurethane - Allows to wrap the wire quickly around the Weight


Weight SalviMar for Weight vest - 500 Gr

Weight for Weight vest of 500 Gr - Red polyurethane coating - Two holes of Ø 7 mm


Weight Sigalsub belt release - 500 gr

Weight Sigalsub belt release - Weight: 500 gr - Easy to put on the belt




Dessault dropable belt seal

1kg dropable lead - Adjustment of the ballast in a flash - Allows the marking of an area or a stone




Aquatys Buoy 50 meters with snap hook

Galito surface marker buoy. Ideal to localize an object at the surface. Thread length: 50 meters


5 Item(s)

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