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Starboard Tikhine Wave 10.2 Inflatable SUP Board | 2018

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Length: 10.2"/ 309.8 cm - Width: 31"/ 78.7 cm - Thickness: 5"/ 12 cm - Weight: 10.32 kg - Fins: 3 built-in fins - Max user weight: 90 kg

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Price as configured: $1,182.12


Why choose Starboard's Tikhine range? Because it features amazing artwork from Sonni Hönscheid and David Carson. Tikhine boards are extremely versatile and provide nice glide plus good stability, which means you can use them for cruising, longer trips and even for yoga or fitness. To top it all off, the shoulder carry strap makes them effortless to carry to the water.

Unlike most SUP boards out there, Starboard rides are inflated to 18 psi; they can be broken down into two distinctive categories: the ZEN range and the DELUXE range featuring SUPs with double chambers.


Benefits of Zen boards

- Stiffness: two compression stringers on the deck and on the bottom provide increased stiffness.
- Lightness Nested reinforcements make the board even lighter yet durable.
- Pad:Soft pad is very comfy and offers lots of stability.
- Rail edge: Touring boards and windsups feature an extra reinfrocement on the lower part of the tail rail. This rail edge provides increased performance.
- Equipment Every Zen board is fitted with a mooring ring at the nose, as well as a cargo net to secure your gear when out on the water and an insert - made out of recycled fishing nets - which can be used to add a camera mount or a rod holder (not included).

Pad mousse stand up paddle

Carry handle

This handle will obviously allow you to carry your board around but it can also be used as a paddle holder. Now you can take a nap when out on the water without having to worry about your gear!


Mooring rings

The two mooring rings located on the nose and tail enable you to moor your SUP to a buoy, a boat or anything to hand.

Starboard This fun compact board’s wide tail makes it easy to step back and make quick fun turns. The glide sensation of the very light hull makes it a top choice for riders below 90 kg.

Pad mousse stand up paddle


The honeycombed pad is very soft and provides great stability. Besides, it features a kick pad that makes turning and surfing easier.


3 built-in fins provide great tracking whether on flat water or in the waves! They can be folded to fit the board into the carry bag but will return to their original shape next time you take your board out.

What's in the box

Your Starboard SUP comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transport. This handy lightweight bag is made out of recycled bottles and can accommodate boards of various sizes. A simple/double action pump is also included. To top it all off, you also get the fins and a leash.


Committed to protecting the environment

Starboard has always been a major player in the windsurfing industry. Innovation after innovation, the brand has also gained worldwide fame in SUP manufacturing, Always one step ahead of the game, Starboard is also committed to protecting the sea and the environment.

Starboard realised the materials traditionally used to manufacture SUP boards were not eco friendly, so they decided to use recycled materials instead and to replace plastic packaging with recyclable materials. Even the ink they use for their printout catalogues is made of soy!

Starboard calculated the carbon footprint of each and every board they produce and have engaged into green projects. For instance, for every Starboard produced, a Mangrove tree is planted in Myanmar. They also support organisations involved in waste collection, especially in marine environments.


Length : 10.2' / 309.8 cm
Width : 31" / 78.7 cm
Thickness : 4.75 / 12 cm
Volume : 228 L
Recommended user weight : 40 to 90 kg
Fins setup : Thruster
Fins : 3 built-in fins
Weight (approx.) : 10.32 kg

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