Sup Paddle Inflatable Red Paddle 10.6 Ride | 2020

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Inflatable paddle - Length: 10.6 - Width 32" (81,2 cm) - Thickness: 12 cm - Weight: 9.1 Kg - Volume 240 L - Max user weight: 95 kg

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Price as configured: $1,100.57


Since 2008, Red Paddle has been building inflatable boards. Their boards are more rigid, stronger and more accomplished thanks to their unique construction technique. Quality at Red Paddle Co is an obsession. The boards are made of the most innovative materials and are rigorously tested. Their after-sales service is a reference
Red Paddle has rethought every aspect of the technology, RSS slats are patented and guarantee maximum rigidity

mls fusion

The construction of a Red Paddle

The Fusion MSL

The 2nd layer of PVC is hot fused with the first one, all stretched. Between the two layers is inserted unidirectional fibre visible on the construction. This technology reduces the weight of the paddle by 2 kg compared to all these competitors

Point A = The rails are, like PVC, hot-melted to prevent any possible leaks
Point B = The rails of the board are composed of 4 layers and are indestructible
Point C = Red Paddle valves are among the most functional.
Point D = The non-slip pad on Red Paddle boards is a "Crocodile" type that provides excellent grip.
Point E = At Red paddle, the pad is pressed by a 170 PSI machine so there is no risk of disbonding
Point F = MSL technology reduces manual gluing errors and saves the 2 kg of glue previously used.


Pump it Up

By inflating boards, Red paddle engineers have found the right pump for you! Indeed, having started with the Easy, which was very good, but too big to easily inflate above the 12 PSI, they switched to the classic, which, it had a room smaller, but took much longer to inflate his paddle. They switched to the TITAN pump, a combination of their first pumps A small piston, for ease of use a second, larger for speed, combined, these two pistons allow you to save 50% of energy, saving you 50% of time on top of that on the inflation of your paddle!

Flapsing fins

Red paddle's Ride range is a reference, so are its fins! Thanks to these thin fins, and made of glued plastic, don't be afraid to lose them, they keep a very good grip, and few, thanks to hot water, can be put back in place, in fact the plastic has shape memory. Thanks to these fin courses, small waves or rivers are accessible to you!


The RED paddle Co - Ride range

The boards in the Ride range will be the most versatile boards from Red Paddle Co. In 2018 a new design on the EVA carpet and an unchanged shape for the greatest happiness of the paddlers. Whether it is the 9.8", the 10.6" or the 10.8", these boards are designed to give you incomparable pleasure on all waters

  • - If you only have one Red Paddle board, we would recommend the 10.6 Ride. Not content to be the most sold SUP inflatable board in the world it continues to win prizes awarded by professionals or consumers. This success is due not only to the quality, durability and unique innovation of the brand but also by the versatility of the 10.6 ride. It is designed to float and slide easily on calm waters and its shape is just curved enough to ensure a smooth ride and no unpleasant surprises, whatever your style. its 120mm thickness makes it more rigid without any faith impacting soon ride and its performance. The practical cargoo fasteners come in handy complete this sheet.


Length : : 10'6"
Width : : 32"
Thickness : : 4.72"/ 120mm
Weight : 9.1 Kg
Volume : : 240 litres
Rider Weight : : up to 90 kg

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