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Bubble Gum Green Wax - All temperatures

Universal surf wax for all water temperatures


Best Seller

Solarez Wakeboard / Surf Repair Kit

An essential tool for wakeboarders and surfers!


Solarez Microlite Epoxy resin tube

White mastic based on high-strength UV-Cure resin


Solarez Ding Repair Polyester resin tube

New microfiber formula


Solarez Microlite Filler Polyester resin tube

Specially formulated for the repair of surf foam (urethane). For deep shots. Lightweight and easy to sand. Cures with UV rays in about 3 minutes or MEKP catalyst in 30 minutes.


Solarez Ding Repair Epoxy Repair Kit

Epoxy resin, blue, 56 ml tube, with UV catalyst.


Madness Epoxy Repair Kit

Transparent fusion epoxy glue • Bi-component in syringe • Perfect for all EPS base panels • 24 ml


Surfpistols Surf SUP Leash - 8.0

Surfpistols Surf Leash - 8'


Surfpistols Surf SUP Leash - 7.0

Surfpistols Leash - 7'


Howzit Premium Surf Leash - 6.0

Length 6' (182 cm) • Ø 7 mm • Ankle leash • Key pocket • Available in several colours

Starting at: $32.27

Howzit Premium Surf Leash - 7.0

Length 7' (210 cm) • Ø 7 mm • Ankle leash • Key pocket • Available in several colours

Starting at: $33.46

Madness long Straight Leash 9.0

Polyurethane cable • 7 mm diameter • available in 3 colours

Starting at: $34.54

Howzit Premium Surf Leash - 8.0

Length 8' (244 cm) • Ø 7 mm • Ankle leash • Key pocket • Available in several colours

Starting at: $34.66

Set D'ailerons FCS Bic Sport G-L Side latéraux 2016

Surfs: ACS: 8'4'' E-Comp: 9'0'' / 9'4''


Waterproof case Keyfender for car keys

- Waterproof housing up to 10 m (IP 68) - Suitable for almost all key models - Made in Germany



Polyester and epoxy repair kit

Polyester and epoxy repair kits to repair either your surfboard or your SUP Board. Available in 3 formats

Starting at: $38.24

Eckla Kayak and Surfboard Roof Racks

Roof racks for kayaks and surfboards. 20 or 40 cm.

Starting at: $44.58

Eckla SUP Board Wall Mount

Storage unit for SUP boards


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Madness Portable Pressure Shower

This portable shower will come in handy in lots of situations


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Big Swell Polyester Repair Kit

This kit is perfect for repairing small to medium dings on polyester surfboards or kite boards


Handirack Inflatable Universal Rooftop Rack

The Malone HandiRack inflatable roof top car rack offers all the benefits of a traditional roof rack with none of the disadvantages.


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Eckla SUP Board Folding Trolley with Seat

Versatile folding trolley for SUP boards 600 x 600 mm • weight: 3,7 Kg


22 Item(s)

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