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Sakura Sakura

Tenya ShükanSakura Cane - Madaï

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Length 203 cm - Power 150 gr - Monobrins - Blank carbon - Special Madaï


1 year warranty


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Specially designed for madai jig, tenya and kabura fishing, this very specific rod has a tremendously sensitive "fast" blank and a spiral ring assembly that will optimize the action of the blank while protecting it from breakage during the toughest battles at the bottom of the boat!

Fast acting, the Shükan Kabura lure rod has an amazing sensitivity thanks to a full tip that vibrates at the slightest touch. We recommend it for all deep-sea fishing where the use of a thin braid is necessary so as not to disturb the presentation of your assembly, nor the legendary mistrust of Pagans, Dentists, etc. Ideal for fine fishing, it is perfectly suited to the use of lures up to 150 g.

Carbon Mitsubishi Japan IM24T+HM30T+HM36T
Fuji Rings
Fuji reel seat
Ergonomic high-density EVA handle
Oxford fabric case

Rings: Fuji FazLite

Always at the forefront of innovation, the Japanese FUJI has just inaugurated a new ceramic, called FazLite®, which we will now offer you on the rods Sakuras. Positioned between the Concept "O" rings and Alconite® in terms of hardness, strength and heat conductivity, this blue ceramic makes it possible to use the anti-tangle framework
K-Frame on the rods most economical and to benefit from the new anti-corrosion finish "CC".
New "CC - Corrosion Control" finish

Under constant saline conditions, this new matt finish is up to 7 times more resistant than standard stainless steel and even manages to approach the stainless steel of titanium! Without sanding or varnishing, this new treatment respects the environment and is intimately linked to the steel molecules of the reinforcement, which explains its durability. With the "CC" finish, FUJI offers you the possibility to significantly extend the life of your rods products without ruining yourself.

Reel seat: Fuji PTS - Palming Trigger Reel Seat

The "PTS" reel seat is ultra-light and very ergonomic. Its innovative design clearly improves operating comfort when the reel is held in the palm of the hand (palming). Although it looks more imposing than previous models, the PTS is lighter and offers a large contact surface between your fingers and the blank, and between the reel foot and the blank. This greatly improves your perception of the swimming of your lure and the most subtle strokes. It increases the sensitivity of the rods Shükan's exceptional blanks tenfold!
Handle: High Density EVA

Compact and very dense, the EVA foam used on our rods products ensures a comfortable support whatever the weather conditions and perfectly transmit the vibratory messages sent by your lure or by a fish that has taken a close interest in it.
Details that make the difference!

In order to offer you the best in this field, we have fine-tuned the assembly of this Shükan casting rod for jigging down to the last detail.

The Fuji LGFT tip ring was chosen to avoid looping the braid and the breakage that could result when throwing with heavy lures.

The assembly of the spiral rings optimizes the blank's capacities, during casting and combat, by cancelling the twists of the fibre causing the breaks in the blank. rods. This assembly also prevents the line from rubbing on the blank when it is bent under tension, which limits the breaks by heating the monofilament or braid.


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