Thaya Gumotex inflatable kayak

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Length 410 cm - Width 88 cm - Internal width 44 cm - Tube diameter 21.5 cm - Inner tubes 3 + 2/4/6 + 2 - Net weight 17 kg - Max. load 230 kg - Bent size 63x40x26 cm

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Price as configured: $1,393.86



  • - Unlike the competition from inflatable kayaks (95% from China), "Nitrilon-Dropstitch" is not laminated with PVC film, but impregnated with elastomeric plastic "Nitrilon"
  • - This Nitrilon is a flexible and dense coating - extremely durable and abrasion resistant. It is not laminated but "impregnated under pressure" and vulcanized on the textile: NO delamination!
  • - The Dropstich/Nitrilon assembly once deflated, does not mark folds, remains extremely compact
  • nitrilon dropstitch
    nitrilon dropstitch

    Construction Nitrilon Dropstitch

  • - 1. nitrilon
  • - • 2. Ink rubber
  • - • 3. Polyester fabric 1100 dtx
  • - • 4. Ink rubber
  • - • 5. Nitrilon
  • - • 6. Nitrilon
  • - • 7. Ink rubber
  • - • 8. Polyester fabric 1100 dtx
  • - • 9. Connecting wires between the 2 Dropstitch walls
  • NITRILON®-DOPSTITCH - For the new High-Pression range

    - 1100 dtx "DROPSTITCH" polyester fabric (double fabric) - Fabrics made up of two wefts separated by a network of yarns connecting the two textile walls together, at a regular distance of 10 cm
    - External coatings in synthetic rubber "NITRILON®". Unlike SUP inflatables and "high-Pression" kayaks based on Dropstitch textile, this extraordinarily resistant elastomeric plastic is not glued to the textile, but rather "pressure impregnated" which totally eliminates the delamination and drying associated with PVC coatings
    - Additional external coating "NITRILON®": a second layer of polyester-reinforced Nitrilon is vulcanized outside the Dropstitch bottoms of this new range: the bottoms of the boats are therefore in double thickness below

    nitrilon dropstitch

    Kayak Thaya Gumotex

    THAYA is the first model of a new Gumotex for boats with a Dropstitch bottom (see data sheet "Nitrilon-Dropstitch above) or "Full-Dropstitch". On this model, the inflatable bottom is made of double fabric impregnated with Nitrilon, the famous indestructible plastic coating. Seats and footrests are also produced in this new material. The rigidity of the bottom, the efficiency of the seats, backs and footrests optimise the glide and the performance of the Thaya when hiking over long distances, at sea or on water. Comparable to Solar in terms of size and volume, speed tests have shown that Thaya is about 5 to 10% faster. The additional layer that strengthens the bottom of the Thaya is compensated by the gain in surface area of the fabric used - the Thaya weighs only one kilo more than a Solar, and is compacted in the same transport bag (70 litres)

    thaya gumotex
    Lite rapid Bestway siege kayak gonflable 2 places

    Included equipment

  • - 2 inflatable Dropstitch footrests, removable and adjustable
  • - 1 Extended rear cover with fixing cord and drain hole
  • - 12 25 mm D. rings for fixing the seats in 4 positions
  • - Removable drift
  • - Nitrilon repair kit
  • - Waterproof backpack for transport, 70 litres
  • - 2 removable and adjustable Dropstich seats/backrests (with independent valves for seats and backs)

  • * possibilité d'ajouter un siège ND supplémentaire pour passer en 3 places.

    !!! WARNING !!!

    Inflatable kayaks should never be stored in the sun when inflated. Prolonged exposure to the sun leads to an increase in pressure which can cause damages to bladders, seams and zippers.

    This kind of damage will not be taken under warranty.


    Length : 410 cm
    Width : 88 cm
    Inside width : 44 cm
    Tube diameter : 21.5 cm
    Inner tubes : 3 + 2/4/6 + 2
    Net weight : 17 kg
    Max. load : 230 kg
    Dim. folded : 63x40x26x26 cm
    Max. number of people : 2 adults + 1 child
    Max. Working pressure (Mpa / Bar / PSI) : 0,02/0,2/3,0 ; 0,05/0,5/7,2
    Cardboard box size (cm) : 70 x 48 x 32 x 32

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