Thorus Battery Charger - 12V - 2/5A

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Battery charger 12V - 2/5A - 6 to 50 Ah - Weight: 600 g - For gel, wet, AGM, Weight and acid batteries - Motorcycle (2A) and car (5A) mode - Normal and winter charging - Delivered with two connection cables (round terminals and crocodile clips)




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Thorus Battery Charger - 12V - 2/5A

The brand new Thorus charger is a boat, car and motorcycle battery charger compatible with 12V batteries (gel, wet, AGM, weight and acid). This smart charger is lightweight and easy to use even for the uninitiated thanks to its easy-to-read display.

Main features

  • New technology, ultra-light high-performance charger.
  • Minimal power consumption in stand by mode.
  • Easy to use, clear charge display.
  • Equipped with a microprocessor for better battery management.
  • Initial diagnosis of battery status.
  • Motorcycle (2A) and car (5A) mode
  • Two types of load: normal and winter for temperatures below 10°C.

2 connecting cables

This battery charger is supplied with lugs for connection with two different cables:

  • Cable with round lugs for stationary installation. Particularly practical for recharging the battery of your boat or motorbike during the winter without removing it.
  • Cable with crocodile clips for connection to any type of battery.

Load in 8 steps

  • Desulphation: Current and voltage pulses remove sulphate from the Weight plates of the battery to restore its capacity.
  • Soft Start: Tests whether the battery can accept the load. Charging starts if the battery is in good condition.
  • Main Charging : Charging with maximum current up to approximately 80% of the battery's capacity.
  • Absorption: Charging with reduced current to maximise battery capacity up to 100%.
  • Analysis: Tests whether the battery can retain the charge. Batteries unable to hold a charge may need to be replaced.
  • Reconditioning: Reconditioning function for deeply discharged batteries.
  • Full Charge: Maintains battery voltage at maximum level by providing a constant voltage charge.
  • Pulse: Maintains battery capacity at 95-100%. The charger monitors the battery voltage and if necessary sends a pulse to keep the battery fully charged.


This charger has 4 safety functions :

  • Overheating protection: The charger has an anti-overheating and overload system. When the charger becomes overheated, it automatically reduces the charging current. If the temperature is reduced, the charger will resume normal charging.
  • Timer: The charger indicates the Max payload time for each charging step. If the Max payload time is reached, the charger will stop to protect your battery.
  • Reverse polarity: The charger has reverse polarity protection. If the battery has been mounted upside down (red LED on and output wires connected upside down), simply disconnect the cables and reconnect them correctly to the battery without disconnecting the charger
  • Short-circuit protection: When the charger detects a short circuit, it stops emitting voltage to avoid any danger. Simply unplug the charger and reconnect it.


Volt : 12V
Input voltage : 100--240 V AC
Output voltage : 12 V DC
Load intensity : 2000 mA / 5000 mA
Minimum battery voltage : 9V
Battery types : Gel, AGM, wet, Weight and acid
Battery capacity 2A mode : 6 to 20Ah, up to 30Ah in maintenance
Battery capacity 5A mode : 21 to 120Ah, up to 200Ah in maintenance
Operating temperature : +0°C in normal mode / -10°C in winter mode
Dimensions (mm) : 205 x 90 x 52
Net weight : 850 g
Charger connection plug : type E and F
Delivered with : Power cable with round terminals and crocodile clip cable

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