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Jobe Compressor Adaptor for Towable - 2016

Only fits on the 'Boston' valve, the Compressor Adapter allows you to inflate or top off your tube and avoids bit change.


Wrist Seal Jobe Bracelet

A sturdy bracelet with a D-ring to attach your boat's circuit breaker.


O'Brien Boston Valve - 2016

Spare valve for towable tubes


Bravo Screw-in pressure gauge

Screw-in model for BRAVO 4 - 14.5 Psi (1bar) inflator


Jobe Orange Flag

Jobe Orange Flag



To 5/31/2022

Jobe Towable Repair Kit

Contains a pack of easy peel and stick patches suitable for all PVC inflatables.


4Water Orange Flag - 2 m

Compulsory when a boat tows a craft.


Tube Jobe storage bag - 1/2 people

Tube bag for 1-2 people


4Water ABS Chrome Rear View Mirror

4Water ABS Chrome Rear View Mirror


Jobe Quick Release with Wrist Seal

Big sized quick release with wrist seal, fits all quick connectors.


Best Seller

Jobe Tube Bag for 3-5 P Towables - 2015

Tube bag, suitable for 3-5 person towables.


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