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Wakeboard DUP Del Taco 143|2019

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Flexible cable board 3 rocker - Size: 143 cm, Width: 44 cm, Rocker: 7.3cm ,3 stage - Max rider weight =105 kg - Grind coating to protect the module board - Men's model - Paulonia profiled wooden core - Freestyle program

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Price as configured: $512.26


Del Taco is a blend of DUP's latest cutting-edge technologies and the brand's more traditional, but revisited, features. Everything in this board has been designed with the word "performance" in mind. If we had to use only one word to describe it, it would be "flex", thanks to its Tri Axle 600 fibreglass coating and its profiled wooden core. With its widened spatulas and channels, the Del Taco offers just the right fit, and its rocker not only provides super pop, but also allows you to send presses effortlessly. The ultra-resistant 360° polyurethane rails and the Dyna 2 base plate ensure years and years of use.
By the Sliding Team

wake rocker 3 stage

Wakeboard cable 3 Stage Rocker Stage

A wakeboard with a 3-level rocker consists of three distinct parts, the center of the relatively flat wakeboard and the two more raised spatulas. He will be slower but much more nervous. The other advantage of the 3-level rocker is that it will soften receptions.

Choose the right board size for the wake in the park

Sizes vary according to weight
Length is probably the most important criterion to consider when making your purchase. The length of the board depends on your weight. Having a short board allows for greater maneuverability in tricks but less pop and inversely so large board, better pop and greater stability but less maneuverability. The more surface there is, the more balance you will have and therefore the more buoyancy you will have

wake DUP
wake DUP

The characteristics of the DUP Del Taco

- 100% Polownia wood
- Construction of flat lines
- Base/sole Dyna2
- Rocker 3 levels
- Polyurethane side walls
- Reinforcement of tri-axial glass fibre 600g/m²
- Glass threading system
- Strategic profile core
- Flat shell

The stance of a wakeboard cable

What is the difference between a tight and a wide stance?

The wider your stance, the more stability you will have on the water, however, the more stance you will have, the more difficult it will be to popper on the modules, rotate and gain amplitude when ollies are used. So you gain in stability but you lose in performance.
The opposite is true for a tight stance.

stance du wake logo serie


Size: : 143*44; Rocker 7.3
Materials: : 100% Paulonia Wood
Construction: : Construction of flat lines
Dyna2 Base
Polyurethane side walls
600 gram fiberglass bin Tri Axle
Technologies: : Glass threading system
Strategic profile core
Reverse shell V
3 Stage Rocker

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