Top 6 of best casting reels

The casting reel has become a must-have for fishing enthusiasts. It offers more precision and sensation to fishermen. It is the perfect reel for large lures. Are you thinking of adopting it for your next fishing trip?

Here is our selection of casting reels by a fishing expert from Nootica.  


The advantages of the casting reel

The spinning reel, the reel with the fixed spool positioned under the rod, was reigning over the fishing world. The arrival of the casting reel  has changed the game. This spinning reel is positioned directly on the rod.

The casting reel has many advantages. It is comfortable to use. To cast the line, hold the casting reel in the palm of your hand as if you were going to cast. The rod becomes a sort of extension of your arm. With a line placed in the axis of the crank, the casting reel provides more feeling when fighting or moving the lure. In addition, the casting reel allows a more accurate and faster cast.

The casting reel works perfectly with large lures. It is therefore perfect for fishing big fish.


Casting reel buying criteria

Do you have planed to test the casting fishing ? Brands like Daiwa or Abu Garcia offer high-performance models. There are several criteria to consider when purchasing your rod and reel set.


Casting reel ratio


Ratio of the reel

The reel ratio indicates the number of rotations the reel makes with each turn of the crank. It affects the fishing technique, the animation of the lure or the timing of an attack.

The ratio of a reel is the number of rotations the reel makes with each turn of the handle.

  • A slow ratio ranges from 5.0 to 5.9 :1. It is suitable for big lures such as big baits that you are running in deep water.
  • An average ratio is between 6.0 and 7.0 :1. Versatile, a medium ratio casting reel is perfect for a dabbler.
  • A ratio is marked as fast when it passes 7.0 :1. This type of reel is necessary if you are fishing in congested areas with soft lures.


Braking system

The casting reel is equipped with 2 or 3 brakes. They are used to control the speed of the reel.

  • The fighting brake is used to apply pressure to the spool. It is operated during the fight with the fish.
  • The friction brake regulates the speed of the reel. Enough to ensure a good casting distance without losing control.
  • As for the magnet brake or centrifugal brake, it helps to avoid wiggling at the start and end of the cast. The former is easy to use, but the latter remains the favourite of professionals.


    Casting Reel


Casting reel profiles

Two baitcasting reel profiles are available to you.

  • Low profile reels are the smallest. Oval in shape, they are also easier to handle.
  • Round profile reels have a greater line capacity. Heavier, they are indicated for fishing to big fish.

Pêche casting reel


Top 6 casting reels

Discover our selection of casting reels, precision equipment that provides a better feeling when fighting big fish.


1) Daiwa Fuego CT Casting Reel

The cheapest

By far the most affordable,  this Daiwa Fuego CT casting reel is recommended for predators, lure fishing, pike.


  • Profil: low profile

  • Size : 100

  • Retrieval capacity: 74 centimetres of line per crank revolution.

  • Ratio: 7.3:1

  • Weight: 200 g

  • Brake: 6kg

  • Bearings: 6 (5 + 1)

  • Capacity: 80 m/16lb

  • Comfort: Double crank, Swept Handle profile, with "Soft Touch" non-slip grips

  • Material: Frame, flange and spool: Aluminium


Moulinet Daiwa Fuego


We love : Its casting ability and its powerful hybrid carbon brake with UTD technology, its stainless steel bearings, its anti-return technology. Its exceptional quality/price ratio.

We appreciate it less :  its relative fragility.


2) Casting Reel 13 Fishing Inception


Recommended for beginners, the Casting 13 Fishing Inception reel is also popular for big bait and predator fishing.

  • Profil: Low profile

  • Size: 200

  • Recovery capacity: 70.6 or 86.4 centimetres of line per crank revolution depending on model

  • Ratio: 6.6 1 or 8.8 1

  • Weight: 194 g

  • Brake: 8.2 kg

  • Bearings: 8 (7+1)

  • Capacity: 0.33 123 (12/135)

  • Comfort: EVA Tech grips

  • Material: Lightweight HD aluminium frame.


Moulinet 13 Fishing


We love: Easy to adjust, easy to use and versatile, Beetle Wing flange, integrated KeepR lure hook, 6 position centrifugal drag with oversized drag washers, Arrowhead line guide, Instant Stop infinite anti-reverse, High Spin gear and spool system, 7 to 60g lure range, right or left hand cranking.

We appreciate it less: its slight weakness with light lures.


3) Casting Daiwa Tatula SV TW reel

A safe bet Daïwa

The Daiwa Tatula SV TW Casting Reel is recommended for pike fishing and can also be used for lures, small lures or swimbaits.

  • Profil: Low profile

  • Size: 100

  • Recovery capacity: 75 to 77 centimetres of line per crank revolution depending on the model

  • Ratio: 5.5:1, 6.3:1, 7.3:1 or 8.1:1 depending on model

  • Weight: 205 to 230 g depending on model

  • Brake: 6 kg

  • Bearings: 7 + 1 including 2 CRBB

  • Capacity: 90 / 0,31 mm

  • Comfort: 90 mm double crank, "Swept Handle" profile, with oversized non-slip grips

  • Material: aluminium frame, frame and SV reel, TWS roller. 

Moulinet Daïwa Tatula

We love: Its large casting capacity adapted to the strength of the cast and the weight of the lure, its magnetic brake with ATD technology and carbon discs, its 20 setting ranges, its robust and reliable mechanism for fighting with the lure, its high quality of the lure. The lure is equipped with a robust and reliable fighting rod, an extremely smooth Air Rotation System and a TWS roller with line guide that reduces line friction for long distance casting and no wigging. The wide range of lures that the “Stress-Free Versatile” allows: swimming fish, crankbait, spinnerbait, rubberjig, soft lure.


We appreciate it less: its capacity a bit limited in case of a fight with a big fish.


4) Penn Fathom Low Profile casting reel

For the toughest fish

The Penn Fathom Low Profile Casting Reel is recommended for jigging in the sea or casting back in freshwater.


  • Profil: Low profile

  • Size: 200 to 400 depending on the model

  • Recovery capacity: 69 to 86 centimetres of line per crank revolution, depending on the model.

  • Ratio: 6.6 1 or 7.3 1 depending on model (i.e. TMV 70.6 or 86.4)

  • Weight: 230g, 260g, 395g depending on model

  • Brake: 10.8, 13.6, 11.3 depending on model

  • Bearings: 6+1

  • Capacity: depending on model 205m-29/100 or 220m-32/100 or 230m-35/100

  • Comfort: ergonomic handle

Penn Fathom Reel

We love:its power to handle even the most combative fish, its dual casting brake system, its stainless steel ball bearing with brass main gear and bronze pinion, its corrosion resistance, its TiN revamped LevelWind system, synchronised with the Brake System (size 400).


We appreciate it less: its choice of ratios reserved for right-handers (only in standard left-handed ratio).

5) Shimano Metanium DC casting reel

Top of the range

Recommended for predators, lure fishing and big bait fishing, the Shimano Metanium DC Casting Reel is ideal for sport fishing for black bass, pike, and perch.


  • Profil:Big bait

  • Size: 100 101

  • Recovery capacity 79 cm of line per turn of the crank.

  • Ratio 7.4 1

  • Weight 189 g

  • Brake 5 Kg Bearings: 9 S A-RB + 1

  • Capacity 14lb-100m

  • Comfort: double handle

  • Material: Hagane aluminium and magnesium frame, Manumlite S3D spool


We love: its I-DC5 function whose electronic chip calculates and regulates the power of the brake on the spool according to the type of lure and thread either by pre-setting or automatically, its pre-chiselled and progressive carbon combat brake, its solidity and resistance to shocks, its MicroModule gears for a stable and vibration-free reel, its fluidity and smoothness with zero friction thanks to the 9+1 S-ARB bearings (main pinion + needle bearing)

We appreciate it less: the difficulty in calibrating the correct settings.

6) Reel Casting Megabass Rhodium 73 L


The Megabass Rhodium 73L Casting Reel is perfect for spinnerbaits, swimbaits and crankbaits and can also be used with swimbaits for heavy casting of Black Bass, Pike and Perch.


  • Profile : Baitcasting

  • Size: NC

  • Retrieval capacity: 74 centimetres of line per crank revolution.

  • Ratio 7.3:1

  • Weight: 200 g

  • Brake: 5kg

  • Bearings: 7 (6+1)

  • Capacity: 80 m/16lb

  • Comfort: non-slip handles

  • Material: metal frame and Ultra-duralumin SV coil


We like: Its Air Brake System that limits wigging without inertia at start-up. Its T-Wing System that frees up more line body for long casts. Its metal frame and spool are ultra light and strong, its bearings are smooth and its gear layout is ultra precise offering high torque and power. Its versatility: allows casts with lures from 4g to 80g.


We appreciate it less:  Its price.

Are you looking for precision equipment for big fish fishing? Go for the best casting reel. It provides more sensation during the fight, especially with heavy and large lures. Choose it according to your budget and your type of fishing, with heavier or lighter lures by following our advice on the top casting reel.


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