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It is becoming indispensable for freshwater fishing, properly installed on a boat that is less costly than a boat or punt. This opens up new horizons for lure fishing and fly fishing, thanks to the speed of placement and access to previously unexplored areas.

Here is a list of the 11 best float tubes on the market according to our evaluation criteria that will help you choose your float tube.

  • price 

  • maximum charge

  • solidity

  • comfort

  • storage

  • equipment


From 99€

  • Float Tube Amtrac Fishing sentinel

  • Float tube Seven Bass Heko 145


Between 300 and 700 €

  • Float tube Sparrow Attack

  • Float tube Ft 160 Rapala

  • Float Tube Tubeless Sparrow Expedition 180

Over 700€

  • Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Flex Renegade series

  • Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Junior

  • Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Evo

  • Float tube Seven Bass Flatform XL Evo


The packs

  • Seven Bass NRV Float Tube Pack

  • Pack Float tube Black Cat Battle boat


Entry-level float tubes

They offer excellent value for money and are ideal for smaller budgets. With a small footprint, the cheap float tube is sometimes a little less comfortable or less well-equipped than the higher-end models, but these float tubes are very good for beginners or casual riding.

Best selling 

Float Tube Amtrac Fishing Sentinel 120

Price: 99€

  • Maximum load: 120 kg 

  • Dimensions: 135 x 105 x 35 cm

  • Weight: 6 kg

  • Fabric: Cordura Oxford

  • Chambers: PVC 

  • 2 chambers

  • Includes: inflator, carry bag and repair kit

The Amtrac Fishing float tube represents the perfect economical float tube for beginners. It is the perfect economical way to get around because of its excellent price/quality ratio, but the most experienced also appreciate its equipment. It has carrying straps for moving between the car and the water and a handle for putting the water on or carrying it over the last few metres. Its carrying bag allows it to be carried before inflation and stored without taking up too much space. Safety wise, it has everything you need with two independent air chambers. Its durability is remarkable in 600D PVC fabric. We like its storage capacity with two zipped side bags, two velcro straps for attaching cane, dumpsters or useful equipment. Possibility of adapting a cane holder. The inflatable seat is high and adapts to your body shape. The graduated grip mat is an added bonus for measuring your grip.

Amtrac sentinel green float tube

It comes in other colours Commando, Sandstorm, Abyss or Guerilla.

Foam seat

Float tube Seven Bass Heko 145

Price: 159€

  • Maximum load 136 kg 

  • Dimensions 140x112 cm

  • Weight: 5.8 kg

  • Cordura 600D fabric 

  • Chambers & air 2+2

The Seven Bass Heko 145 remains very much on the cheap. Slightly more comfortable than the 130, with an inflatable seat, the Heko 145 has a foam seat and backrest that puts you above the water and the backrest tilt is adjustable by strap. The two independent air chambers with safety valves offer maximum safety. The Cordura PVC 1000D fabric is very thick and almost unbreakable. Two standard zipped pockets on each side, numerous D-rings and a storage mat complete the equipment. Note its storage space behind the seat.

Mid-range float tubes

Slightly more advanced than the previous models, they are still affordable and offer more comfort and features.

Float tube Tubeless

Float tube Sparrow Attack Olive

Price: 439€

  • Maximum load 190kg

  • Dimensions 165x100 cm

  • Weight: 6.6 kg

  • Pvc & polyester 1000D fabrics

  • 3 high pressure valves

Its affordable price is justified by its features. Weighing less than 7 kg, the Sparrow Attack float tube is stable thanks to its 165 cm height. It is easy to carry thanks to its removable shoulder straps and has 3 high pressure valves for easy inflation and deflation.

It is made of 0.7mm thick PVC and polyester and is remarkably strong.

It gets high marks for its high comfort level with a thickness of 8 cm. It has two large removable side pockets, each 40 cm long. It can be stored in its carry bag with handles. It comes with a large foot pump and repair kit.

Float tube Sparrow attack

Easy to store

FT 150 Rapala

Price: 399€

  • Maximum load 150kg

  • Dimensions 150x120 cm

  • Weight: 7.4 kg

  • High strength PVC fabric

  • 2 indeacute tubeless floats

It is particularly stable due to its width dimensions and supports the addition of hardware well.

For transport, it has two removable straps and a storage bag.

For your safety, the FT 150 Rapala is equipped with a reinforcement bar that makes the float tube more rigid.

2 standard zipped and removable pockets are dedicated to storage and there is storage space behind the seat. Velcro fasteners allow up to 4 rods to be attached and there is also a graduated catch net. It is delivered with its foot pump and its repair kit.

Ft 150 Rapala

The top of the range models

What makes these models different is their size and the construction material used, which makes the structure semi-rigid and increases the bearing surface, turning them into real platforms. The brand Seven Bass is the leader.

DropStitch Technology

Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Junior

Price: 789€

  • Maximum load 180kg

  • Dimensions 170x155cm

  • Weight: 15kg

  • Dropstitch 15 cm in 2700g/

  • Polyester 1000D

  • 3 high pressure valves

The Float tube Seven bass Junior is the smallest flatform. It has no rigid structure, but its 16 cm thick central part is made of 3D Mesh while its socks are made of PVC fabric. It has a pleasant surface and can be stood on.

It is a very light and comfortable bag.

It stores easily, inflates and deflates in minutes and fits inside the trunk in its carry bag. It is equipped with side bags and oars on the flanges. The engine mount is integrated.

On the basis of the “Plug&Go » you can easily add a sounder holder or a rod holder.

The best of seven bass

Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Evo 

Price: 949€

  • Maximum load 200kg

  • Dimensions 2000x140cm

  • Weight: 17 kg

  • Dropstitch 15 cm in 2700g/

  • Polyester 1100D

  • 3 high pressure valves

A hybrid Dropstich and hybrid line air model without rigid structure, made of 3D Mesh and PVC with double skin, it becomes rigid under pressure to the point of allowing standing upright. The large dimensions (2 m long) of the Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Evo are hyper-comfortable and offer the necessary storage space. A footrest bar is ideal for added comfort. The equipment includes the addition of an electric motor, as well as side storage bags. It's storage, quick inflation and de-inflation means it fits in the boot once inserted in its carry bag.

The Biggest

Float tube Seven Bass Flatform XL Evo

Price: 1099€

  • Maximum load 300kg

  • Dimensions 2450x170cm

  • Weight: 21kg

  • Dropstitch 15 cm in 2700g/

  • Polyester 1100D

  • 3-chamber high pressure air

The large, outsized proportions of this fishing platform will appeal to the most passionate fisherman and provide total comfort on every ride. As stable as a rigid boat, the Float tube Seven Bass Flatform XL possesses a full complement of equipment: a safety bar, two oars, a super seat and a motor mount at the rear of the float tube. Its side pockets can be positioned by velcro and there is space behind the seat.

Semi-rigid inflatable floor

Float Tube JMC Sparrow Expedition 180

Price: 639€

  • Maximum load 200kg

  • Dimensions 180x110cm

  • Weight: 12.5 kg

  • PVC Polyester 1100D fabric

  • 4 high pressure valves


The reasonable price doesn't take away from the strength of this tubeless float tube is proven with its reinforced heat-sealed PVC fabric. The Float Tube JMC Sparrow Expedition 180
features 2 large capacity removable side pockets. It can be carried either in its carry bag or with its carrying straps.

It offers great comfort with its 8cm inflatable and repositionable seat and inflatable floor (removable).

It stores easily, inflates and deflates in minutes and fits inside the trunk in its carry bag. It is equipped with side bags and oars on the flanges. The engine mount is integrated.

On the basis of the “Plug&Go » one can easily add a sound support to it

The float tube JMC is equipped with aluminium oars, large side pockets, D rings, a storage pocket for the electric battery and a removable motor mounting back plate.

Additional features include an aluminium stabiliser bar and a graduated grip mat.

Delivered with a large foot pump, a repair kit.

Float tube Sparrow expedition

Evolving thanks to its velcro fixed bags

Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Flex Renegade séries

Price: 995€ 

  • Maximum load 200kg

  • Dimensions 200x140cm

  • Weight: 17 kg

  • PVC 1000D 

  • 2-chamber air

  • 3 high pressure valves

A very high-end model, with very comfortable seating. Solid in Dropstitch, the Float tube Seven Bass Flatform Flex Renegade séries combines great buoyancy and room for your gear while supporting the weight of the engine it's prepped for. Side panniers of any size, shape and material can be added as an option. It has a reception mat with double graduation in cm or inches.

Float tube flatform Flex

The float tube packs

If you're struggling to find your way around, opt for an all-inclusive package or ask our fishing experts for advice.

The first price pack

Seven Bass NRV Float Tube Pack

Price: 145,90€

  • Maximum load 115 kg

  • Dimensions 138x112cm

  • Weight: 6.3 kg

  • PVC 600 and 900D 

  • 2 indented air chambers

  • 3 high pressure valves


Delivered pre-packaged on Seven bass NRV pack includes the float tube, a pump, a a pair of fins and a carry bag.

The backrest can be reclined by two adjustable straps for comfort. Featuring storage space, it has two large zipped pockets as well as rings for storage.

The motor pack

Black Cat Battle boat float tube pack

Price: 699€

  • Maximum load 150kg

  • Dimensions 170x113cm

  • Weight: 15 kg

  • Extra strong PVC

  • 2 indented air chambers

  • 3 seacute inflation valves

This Black Cat Battle boat float tube pack consists of a float tube equipped with a motor BC 2400 and various accessories. Made of ultra-resistant PVC

2 rod holders + 1 rod holder, 2 hip bags, a comfortable low tilt inflatable seat and storage bag, a fishfinder holder.

CB 2400 lite engine 3.8 kg, compact, 12 V, 7 speed, 24 lbs push.

It also includes a repair kit, front bar.


Don't forget to equip yourself with all the accessories that will make your fishing easier, such as waders, landing net, fishing vest or other useful accessories.


When choosing your float tube, consider the following criteria equipment, does it have pockets and compartments, oars, motor support? What is the load capacity? user weight + equipment. In terms of safety, it must be stable and strong enough to adapt to all fishing conditions and environments. Take a high pressure float tube if you are fishing in large rivers or lakes or for catfish. For carnivorous fish, a float tube with an air chamber is often sufficient.


Photo Credits Hart, Outcast boats.

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