The 6 best float tubes

The float tube is a small and light boat. It is perfect for predator fishing and allows fishermen to reach the most inaccessible fishing spots. Are you looking for the best model to catch pike perch or black bass? Here is the selection of the best float tubes prepared by the fishing expert from Nootica.

The benefits of the float tube

The float tube is a boat equipped with two inflatable buoys and a seat facing backwards. Sitting and wearing fins, the fisherman is immersed in the water up to his waist. He or she paddles with the legs to move the float tube backwards. This small U or V shaped boat is suitable for fishing predators. It has multiple advantages.

The float tube is easy to transport. In fact, when inflated, it fits easily in the trunk of a car.

  • With a float tube, there is no need to launch. It allows you to access the water from anywhere.

  • The float tube is quick to learn. It is accessible to all categories of fishermen, even beginners.

  • The float tube is ideal for reaching fishing spots that are inaccessible to larger boats.

Criteria for buying a float tube

Brands such as Seven Bass, Sparrow or Rapala offer different models of float tubes to meet the needs of anglers. Are you looking for the best float tube for your next fishing trip? Here are three criteria to take into account to find the best float tube.

The weight of the float tube

Three types of float tube are available. PVC float tubes are the most popular. They have two inflatable tubes covered with PVC and weigh between 4 and 6 kg. The best high pressure float tubes are considered puncture proof. Made of durable fabric, they weigh around 8 kg. The pontoon float tubes have a rigid floor. Their shape is similar to that of a catamaran and their weight is around 24 kg.

The fishing place 

The float tube is suitable for a variety of fishing locations, such as lakes, rivers and ponds. It can also be used for fishing trips at sea. Are you a fan of fishing for pike, black bass or pike-perch? You are used to practice your sport on waterways with moderate or strong currents. Opt for a float tube with an oar. For fishing in the sea, choose a float tube with a motor. This makes it easier for you to reach land when the current is too strong.

Float tube for beginners

You are a beginner in float tube fishing. Choose a PVC model like those offered by Amtrac Fishing. Light and easy to handle, the price is also affordable. Ideal to start your career as a float tube fisherman on a calm body of water. However, make sure that the boat you choose is suitable with your weight and your equipment. For your safety, don't forget your lifejacket.

Float Tube Amtrac Fishing Sentinel 120 - Guerilla camo

Float Tube Amtrac Fishing 

an economical float tube

Recommended for beginners or occasional lake or river anglers

  • Strenght 

Its 600D Cordura Oxford all-over PVC fabric is stretched over the entire surface of contact with water, making it strong and durable over time.


  • Shape 

It is a classic V-shaped float tube that reduces water resistance and is easy to handle. Its dimensions are comfortable L 130 x W 100 x H 35 cm.

  • Safety 

Equipped with two independent air chambers that inflate separately, it offers maximum safety on the water. Accessible via a zipper, they are easy to change and easy to find in after sales.

  • Options

With its carrying straps, water handle, and supplied bag, it is easy to carry to the place of work and store, in the car or garage, for a few hours or at the end of the season.

It has many storage features, such as 2 zipped side bags on the top, 2 Velcro straps on one of the flanges, 4 D-rings and a reception apron with cm and inch indications. It includes an attachment that can accommodate a rod holder or a sounder.

It's black inflatable seat fits all body types, so you can spend hours in comfort.

In addition, this float tube includes a graduated landing mat. 


We like: its original colours and its many comfort options. It also includes an inflator and a repair kit.

Float Tube Amtrac Fishing Ghost 140 - Commando camo

A good value float tube

Recommended for long fishing trips

  • Strenght 

A little bigger and heavier (8kg), it can be described as hyper resistant with a high load capacity. It can support up to 140 kg. Its PVC fabric coated on the key areas in contact with water is virtually tear-proof and extremely safe.

  • Shape 

The V-shape of the Ghost makes it easy to handle and stable. Dimensions : L135 x W 105 x D 35 cm, a few precious centimetres are gained for this type of fishing. 

  • Safety

Amtrac doesn't mess around with safety and has equipped the Ghost with two valves and two independent air chambers for safe inflation, so there's no risk of sinking in the event of a puncture. Accessible via a clear closure along the length of the float tube, these bladders are easy to repair and always available.

  • Options

With the same options as the Sentinel model, the Ghost float tube from Amtrac: pair of front handle straps for carrying, a storage bag, two side zipper bags, D-rings, a graduated reception mat, but also features a cup holder! Also included are an inflator and a repair kit.

Comfort, it is equipped with a foam seat for a firm and comfortable seat above the water level. It adapts to all body types, so you can enjoy a long and comfortable life while protecting your back.


We like: the seat matches the colour of the PVC fabric and is available in several colours and patterns for even more style!

Float tube Devaux Kayak Tube Cap-V 1000 - Black

a fast float tube

Recommended for active fishing in rough water


  • Strenght 

It is made of extremely strong and light Cordura polyester fabric and PVC, which gives it a minimal weight of 3.5 kg and yet supports a maximum load of 150 kg.


  • Shape 

Innovative compared to its competitors, its kayak shape is longer and more streamlined

This hydrodynamic design makes it more discreet but above all quicker to move

Dimensions: L 180 x W 122 cm, Seat height 24.5 cm


  • Safety 

At 1.80m in length, the CAP-V1000 tube kayak is more stable on the water even in difficult fishing conditions. It has high pressure inflation valves for each individual float, including a separate inflatable chamber for the seat.

  • Options

It has a number of useful storage options: two large side pockets with internal storage net, 4 attachment rings, for example for a rod holder or fishing accessories. For comfort, an ergonomic seat with an inflatable backrest offers a better seat and is adjustable with 2 side straps. Delivered with a graduated landing mat, to measure the catch. When stored, it is compact, light and easy to carry.

We like: its ease on the water and its fast glide.

Float tube Seven Bass USA Bolt Flex Renegade séries

an adjustable float tube

Recommended for organised fishermen 

  • Strenght

The entire area in contact with the water is made of a very thick 1000D PVC fabric for better gliding, the rest is made of 600D Cordura fabric. It weighs 4.9 kg and can support a load of 136 kg.


  • Shape 

A traditional, pronounced V-shape makes the float tube easy to handle and navigate. Its dimensions are compact L 133 x W 103 cm.


  • Safety

Made of 2 independent air chambers that are equipped with safety valves, and are individually inflated for safety with Boston valves.


  • Options

A reception apron with double graduation in cm and inches, equipped with a zipped pocket, allows the storage of small boxes or fishing accessories. Two rod holders and a flag holder are located behind the seat back, as well as a large space for a waterproof bag.

The seat is raised and the backrest is made of comfortable foam with two adjustable straps.


We like: its Clipline system, a chain and two velcro straps allow you to adapt storage bags of the size, shape and material of your choice, offering a modular space for all types of fishing.

Float Tube Amtrac Fishing Storm 180 - Urban Grey

a Dropstitch float tube

Recommended for tall people


  • Strenght 

Made from ultra-strong PVC fabric, it can carry a maximum load of 180€, weighs 7kg and is shock-resistant over time. It is therefore the most suitable for fairly heavy weights, including loads.


  • Shape 

Its shape between the U and the V improves the glide on the water and its manoeuvrability. It has spacious dimensions L 150 x W 116 cm x D 37 cm


  • Safety 

The PCV material provides the necessary buoyancy and the two independent floats, which can be inflated with two valves, provide maximum safety on the water.

Its Dropstitch seat, placed above the water level and inflatable, offers a firm seat that remains comfortable. By adapting to all body types, you can fish for hours without getting tired.


  • Options

Carrying straps, as well as a front and side handle for water. A large storage capacity with two zippered and removable side bags for all your fishing accessories, fishing boxes or other accessories. Not forgetting the space behind the seat with a waterproof PVC bottom for storing your belongings or a bakkan and a graduated reception mat. A rod holder for one or more rods can be fitted to the rings on the tubes. Comes complete with inflator and repair kit.


We like: its high-end design available in several colours.

Float tube Black Cat Battle boat

a float tube designed to be motorised

recommended for fishermen who move around a lot


  • Strength 

Its ultra-resistant PVC on the bottom, front and back, reinforced with wide protective strips, protects it from rocks and abrasive bottoms, so much so that it can be dragged without risk over the last few metres.


  • Shape 

It has large dimensions 170 x 113 x 65 cm, which makes it very stable and capable of supporting heavy loads, up to 150kg


  • Safety 

It is both safe and efficient and has secure inflation valves. The Battle Boat offers a well thought-out, ready-to-use all-in-one package for the powerful BC 2400 electric motor.


  • Options

Very well equipped, the design includes the rear electric motor support and the front bar. It is equipped with a storage bag for fishing accessories and two fully waterproof bags for batteries, cameras, permits, etc.

Comfort is not forgotten, as it has an inflatable seat, low and inclined for back comfort.

We like: its ready to fish equipment as everything is included, a repair kit, a sturdy rod holder, a sounder holder

You are an amateur fisherman. You are looking for a small boat that is easy to transport and allows you to access the best spots. The float tube is the boat for you.

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