What kind of fish can I catch with a float tube?

You are planning to buy a float tube. This light and easy to transport boat is ideal for fishing for carnivorous fishing. It allows fishing enthusiasts to reach fishing spots far from the banks. But you may be wondering what fish you could catch with a float tube.

Benefits of float tube fishing

The float tube is taken by carnivore anglers for several reasons.

  • It is easy to transport and can be put in the water on a river or a pond.
  • It allows you to reach carnivores located too far from the water's edge.
  • With a float tube, you can reach fishing spots inaccessible to a larger boat.

The float tube can be used for both freshwater and sea fishing, although not all models are suitable for sea fishing. More expensive than a boat, it is cheaper than a dinghy.

Float tube fishing techniques

Float tube fishing is practiced using several techniques.

  • Float tube fishing uses a live fish as a lure.
  • Casting involves casting a lure or natural bait to catch the fish.
  • In vertical fishing, let the lure follow the bottom relief while the float tube slowly drifts.

Fish pêché in float tube

The float tube fishing

The fishing from a float tube in the river is ideal for catching predators. Get yourself some rod and pike and suitable tackle before teasing the gudgeon on the edge of the float tube.

Carnassian fish

Our rivers are rich in carnivorous fish. Pike-perch, pike or black-bass are fond of calm waters. You can find them in lakes, ponds, rivers or in a fishing reservoir. The faro or rainbow trout likes fast and cold water streams. During your fishing trips on the river, you may have the chance to meet the catfish. It is the biggest freshwater predator. You can also fish for carp with a float tube. It is a question in this case of baiting several spots and of monitoring them thanks to the mobility of your boat.

The different types of rod

A wide choice of rods is available to you.

  • The casting rod is for use with lures that are strong in the water.
  • Easier to use, the spinning rod allows you to choose lures légers.

The power of the rod depends on the weight of the lure. It ranges from UL (Ultra Light) to XXH (Extra Extra Heavy). A 20g rod with 150g of power is suitable for live fishing. A rod with a power of 30-80 g is suitable for fishing with dead man's tackle. Are you a casting angler? Choose a rod with 20-60g of power. If you are a beginner in float tube fishing, a M (Medium) power rod will allow you to get familiar with all types of fish.

Find out before equip your float tube with a rod holder or to choose a multiple rod holder to switch from one type of rod holder to another.

Sanders, pikes, trout or even catfish, many are the carnivores that populate our bodies of water and rivers. Would you like to try your hand at a game of carnivorous fishing with a float tube?

 Photo Credits Madcat, Sparrow, Sakura fishing.

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