What type of anchor to choose for float tube fishing?

The small boat anchor is an essential accessory for a predatory fishing trip. Whether you choose a floating anchor or an anchor for attachment, the choice of anchor depends on the weight of the boat, but also on the nature of the fishing area. Find below explanations for choosing your float tube anchor and advice for anchoring your boat.

The float tube: a boat for fishing for carnivores

The float tube is a small, peculiar looking boat. It is made up of two inflatable balls and is usually U or V shaped. The float tube is also equipped with a seat that faces backwards. It is a light boat. Early models are 1.10m long and weigh about 5.4kg. The float tube flatform top of the range measures up to 2.40 m and weighs 24 kg.

The float tube is very suitable for carnivore fishing. The angler sits in the seat with his legs in the water and mooves with his float tube fins. This gives him access to hard-to-reach fishing spots for other, larger boat models.

Fisherman standing on a float tube

The types of anchors suitable for the float tube fishing

Although lightweight and compact, the float tube needs to anchor in some cases. There are several types of inflatable boat anchors available.

The floating boat anchor

The floating anchor takes the form of a small parachute or paraglider. It can be used as a float tube, but also as a boat. The purpose of a floating anchor is not to stop the boat. It is intended to brake the shoreline caused by wind or current. This allows you to survey a fishing station more thoroughly. When deployed, the floating anchor inflates in the water due to the movement of the float tube.

Floating anchor for float tube

The marine boat anchors

The anchor attachment is still called a boat anchor. Although simplistic, this name is well known to fishermen. The anchor is used to stop the progress of a float tube, boat or ship. There are several types of anchors available.

The grappling anchor

Composed of a steel rod ending in 4 or 5 hooks, the grappling anchor comes in a foldable version. It can be easily unfolded and folded. Practical for storage, the grapple anchor takes up little space on the float tube. It is the perfect ancre for small boats.

Foldable grapple anchor

The flat anchor

Often in the form of a shovel, the flat anchor is useful as a secondary anchor, when you want to anchor the boat on sandy or muddy bottoms, but not suitable for float tubes.

Criteria to consider when choosing a float tube anchor

You've got it, the anchor allows you to slow down or stop a boat. Do you need an anchor for float tube fishing? The choice depends on several factors.

The weight of the anchor

The weight of the anchor in relation to the boat is one of the criteria for choice. An anchor that is too light will be swept away by the boat or barge. But how do you choose a marine anchor?

A 1kg anchor is ideal for a small float tube boat. A boat measuring up to 4 m requires an anchor of at least 3.5 kg. Beyond that, for a boat of 10 m, for example, choose an anchor weighing at least 14 kg. The chain of the boat anchor should match its weight. A 16 kg anchor requires a chain with a diameter of 10 mm. But we're playing in a whole different league.

The area and type of fishing

The choice of a marine anchor for a boat depends on more than just the weight of the boat. The nature of the bottom also matters.

  • Grapple anchor is suitable for rocky or seaweed covered bottoms.
  • As for the floating anchor, it allows you to rest your legs or change bait.

Floating anchor seven bass

Are you a fan of the carnivore fishing? This carnivore is found in clean, sandy waters. The grapple anchor is designed for lush bottom conditions where pike fly in.

Wetting tips

You are looking to anchor your float tube or boat. Make sure the anchor line is equipped with a knot. The boat anchor chain should be three times the height of the water.

  • First find a sheltered spot.
  • Face yourself into the wind.
  • Let the float tube anchor run to the bottom.
  • Step back to secure the small boat anchor to the bottom.

The anchor for float tube must be effective while remaining practical for storage. Now you know which type of float tube anchor you will adopt for your pike-perch or trout fishing trips! Other accessories and families of anchors exist to solve all problems and fit all boats.

 Photo Crédits Savage Gear, Pixabay.

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