Which landing net to choose for float tube fishing?

The landing net is an indispensable accessory for float tube fishing. The characteristics of the handle, the net or the frame must meet the needs of this type of fishing. Do you need the best special float tube net? 

Check out the criteria to choose the right float tube for your fish.

The ideal float tube landing net

The float tube is a floating seat for fishing for carnivorous fish such as pike or catfish. It allows anglers to access areas that are inaccessible by boat or from the shore. This light boat has a small footprint. Each accessory must take up as little space as possible.

The landing net float tube must be convenient to store and take out. Handy, it does not unbalance the fisherman when he takes the fish out of the water. The ideal float tube net allows you to catch the pike or perch on the end of the line every time.

What criteria should you use to choose your landing net?

Do you have need a landing net for float tube fishing? Several criteria are to be taken into account when making your choice.

Handle length

The handle of the float tube landing net should be short. About twenty centimetres is enough for this type of carnivorous fish such as pike or perch. It is for this reason that the float tube pike net is also known as a racket net.

Choose one with a ring or hole in the handle. You can then hang your bucket from one of the attachments on the float tube's flanges.

Secured with a magnet, the Pike 'n Bass Sinker is ideal.

Size of mesh

The net of a special float tube pike trap is made of different materials.

  • Nylon landing net is cheap, but still aggressive to the mucus of caught carnivores.

  • Rubber netting is more fish friendly. Heavier and stiffer than a nylon net, it remains a good choice for float tube fishing.

  • The anti-snagging net has a plastic sheathing. It is lighter than the rubber net and prevents hooks from getting stuck.

  • The net is made of plastic.

The mesh of a net must be large enough to let small fish through.

Depth of the net

The depth of a float tube landing net should be 50 cm to 60 cm.

  • For the perch fishing : it does not matter

  • For catfish or pike fishing: you need a bit of depth so that you don't have to bend over and risk becoming unbalanced.

  • The depth of a float tube landing net should be at least 35 cm.

Shape of the landing net

You can find round, oval or square ones.

The diameter should be between 20 cm and 55 cm. The oval shape is suitable. Its size is reduced. Example size 45 x 55.

Weight of the landing net

Weight is an important consideration in the choice of a float tube carnivore landing net. It depends on the materials used to make the handle, frame and net. Opting for a floating frame net is a good compromise.

The price

The price of a float tube racquet depends on several factors: the handle, the weight or the net. Count between 30 euros and 80 euros for a good quality and adapted to the fishing of carnivorous fish in float tube.

The first price in floating landing net is Flashmer

The special features of a float tube spillway sump

The sump is indispensable for float tube fishing. Here are a few tips to improve your performance:

  • a handle wrapped in a gummed material for a better grip;We like the JMC Racquet Spinner

  • a plastic at the end of the handle to pick up fish while keeping the sucker hooked to the belt;

  • a lighter carbon frame to allow for easier use of the float tube racket scoop;

  • a floating frame to avoid losing the sump and make it easier to use.

You want to get the most out of the pleasure of float tube fishing, don't forget to adopt the complementary accessories.

  • A rod holder helps you stay stable on the float tube. This gives you a better chance of catching fish.

  • A special float tube rod is the best asset for a successful fishing day.

  • A waterproof bakkan bag allows you to safely store and transport your gear. There are also rod holder with integrated bakkan.

  • A crate is essential for storing and keeping fish alive.

The practice float tube fishing requires suitable equipment. Among the accessories available for this type of fishing is the landing net. Compare all the criteria before making your choice.  Float tube are popular with fishermen. Do not hesitate to examine its features.

Photo Credits Alex Smith by Unsplash, JMC.

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