What equipment for exotic fishing?

The exotic fishing gear consists in capturing large carnivorous specimens, such as barracudas, swordfish, groupers, or liches, red carp, tuna, and même sharks. The fishing trip is an unforgettable experience for an exotic fish lover. But the day can be ruined if you take unsuitable equipment or forget the essentials.

For the most part, the trip is a great way to get to know the sharks.

Exotic fishing material

Exotic fishing requires powerful equipment, capable of withstanding the fierce battles that occur during the catch.

The rods

For exotic fishing, the rods have to be powerful enough to withstand the rush and the head rush, but also flexible enough to bend without breaking. At the end of a fight, the fish have a strong tendency to run away under the hull, which requires a good margin of twist. Rods should be between 2.4 and 3 meters long in order to cast properly, but they should not be longer than this, otherwise they will become too bulky.

The reel

Exotic fishing is practised with heavy casting, so the reel brake must be very powerful and efficient, to resist the carnivore, which will not let itself be taken! Garnish the reel with a line with a resistance of 50 to 100 lbs.

Lures and baits for exotic fishing


The lure must be adapted to the fish sought and the environment in which it flies. The choice is large :


  • The poppers are the must-have surface lures, whose characteristically loud noise gets the adrenaline pumping for all exotic fishing enthusiasts;

  • Stickbaits are best served to walking the dog specialists;

  • The jerkbaits, bib diving lures, imitate a small panfish to perfection to better attract the carnivore ;

  • Crankbaits, more plump, are mainly used for casting and do not waddle ;

  • Spoons are ideal for red carp, jacks or pike;

  • Spoons can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The jigs prévoir weigh between 120 and 250 grams, of various sizes, shapes and colours 

  • The softbaits on lead head adapt to the feeling. The fisherman selects his soft lure and adapts the weighting according to the lure and the ground.

The lures

Again, the fishing bait

  • From large sea worms ;

  • From a mollusc like a mussel, a large shrimp, a squid… 

  • From a whole or coarsely cut fish, such as a sardine or mackerel.

Clothing and accessories

The clothing

Choose fishing clothing that are lightweight and quick-drying, while protecting you from the sun's scorching rays. Long sleeves and zip-up trousers that can be converted into shorts are best. A windbreaker can be useful and takes up little space. Don't neglect shoes: they should have a thick sole and be non-slip. And take gloves with you, to avoid injuries when you are fishing.

They are not recommended.

Don't forget sunglasses, a cap, sun cream, and put everything in a waterproof fishing bag.

The accessories

Concerning the fishing tackle, normally you shouldn't forget your rods and reel, but also think about small tackle, such as scissors or pliers, clips, wires, nylon, leaders...

For the reel, carry a spare lead spool and pick-up hoop, just in case.

Finally, to protect your rods, which will be travelling in the hold, we advise you to invest in a very rigid sheath.

For your rods, you should also take a spare pick-up hoop.

Creative Photo Pixabay

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