Free your fishing with the float-tube!

Try your hand at float-tube fishing! This method of fishing opens up new possibilities and gives you new sensations! Sitting comfortably, you can venture into previously inaccessible places. You no longer look at the schools of bass from the shore and hope they come closer, you go straight for them! If you want to know more about float tube fishing, what a float tube is used for, for what type of fishing, and the different types of float tubes, follow us, we tell you everything.

The float tube: what is it?

The float tube is a magical object. Also known as a float tube, it is a kind of small inflatable boat, like a big O-, U- or V-shaped boat, with a seat and a space to put your legs. Depending on the model, some are equipped with pockets, nets or rings, so that the fisherman can carry all the equipment he needs with his boat.

The equipment is completed with a pair of fins and sometimes oars, which allow you to d&eacute and navigate. Displacement is done in reverse. The float tube is very easy to use and does not require hours of training. It only takes 10-15 minutes to inflate, and off you go! Thanks to the flippers, the movements require little physical effort, and a simple stroke of the hip is enough to change direction. The swimmer is therefore comfortably seated,with his chest dry and his feet in the water.

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What is a float tube ?

Fishing with a float tube has many advantages. This machine arrived from the United States about twenty years ago, and has quickly become the darling of lovers of new experiences.

Benefits of float tube fishing

  • The first advantage is apparent whether you are in the fishing shop or in front of an online purchase, and that is the price. The float tube is indeed an inexpensive material, as it is not motorised;

  • The float tube is easy to transport and fits easily into the boot of a car ;

  • Once prepped, it's a simple to operate and very manoeuvrable;

  • Allows for silent placement without scaring the fish ;

  • The fisher is comfortably settled, in a seated position and back well supported ;

  • The float tube allows you to carry all your equipment and have everything at hand.

The float tube, for what type of fishing

While the float tube is suitable for almost all types of fish, it is among predatory fishers that the greatest number of users of this floating device can be found. Pike, perch, black bass, chub, catfish, pike-perch, asp and barbel are therefore the main occupants of the landing net and float-tube anglers. Why? The carnivores by definition are predators. They are often very voracious and the float-tube fishing takes you right to the heart of the action, allowing you to go fishing directly in their territory.  

The different types of float tube

Depending on where you are fishing, in lakes, rivers or streams, and how often you are going to use it, the choice of your float tube is important. There are several types of float tubes, which meet different needs or have different characteristics, such as the quality of the structure, buoyancy and the equipment included. After that there is no mystery, the more durable and comfortable they are, the more expensive they are.


The float tube air chamber 

This is the quintessential float tube, from the ground up: a self-supporting air chamber or foam, wrapped in a PVC or fabric cover. Note that the foam has a better buoyancy and is not likely to get punctured. It is also the least bulky of all the models. The Amtrac Fishing Sentinel offers the best economic option.

The high pressure float tube 

The high pressure float tube is suitable for heavy duty use. It is made of an ultra-resistant PVC fabric structure that inflates under high pressure. This model is heavier, but also stronger than the air chamber float tube.

The platform float tube 

Also known as a pontoon boat, this model is somewhat removed from the foundation of the float tube, which is intended to be primarily inflatable and easily transportable. In this case, the pontoon is a sort of small catamaran, equipped with a metal structure and two identical floats on each side. This float-tube allows you to fish seated like the others, but also standing on the platform. It is equipped with footbraces and oars, and often equipped with an electric motor

Read our article on the best float tubes to find the right one for you.

The float tube craze is still going strong. It is winning over more and more fishermen, and for good reason, this technique has many more advantages than disadvantages. If you're hovering between the bank and the boat, the float tube is the ideal equipment. This ingenious all-rounder will have you covering your bases.

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