How to change the valve on your inflatable stand up paddle?

Although inflatable stand-up paddles rarely break down, they are subject to the wear and tear of time and can be affected by some wear and tear. This is especially true if they are not stored and maintained properly.

Whether you need to tighten your valve or change the valve seal on your inflatable paddle, the process is the same.

To repair the valve, either a repair kit is supplied with your inflatable SUP or you will need to purchase the necessary materials.

Find out how!


Changing the valve on an inflatable paddle

When to change the valve?

The main reasons for changing the valve on your inflatable sup are :

  • wear and tear over time

  • failure to comply with pressure standards

  • lack of care during wintering

  • a slight shock to the valve

In the event of a major defect upon receipt of your paddle, contact your SAV.


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To know how to repair the valve of an inflatable paddle, it is not very complicated, as long as you follow the indicated steps and prepare the material and the surface well beforehand.


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This is how the repair is done, step by step.

Step 1 : the preparation

The sup should be perfectly deflated. All you have to do is place it on a clean, flat surface.

Prepare the necessary materials you will need:

  • a seal

  • Silicone / Mechanical / Vaseline grease

  • a valve key (supplied with the Sup)

  • a clean paper or cloth

Réparation valve Sup 

Step 2 : Screw on the valve

Take the original valve key and insert it into the valve. Unscrew the valve, pressing the spanner firmly into the valve with one hand, using the other hand to turn the spanner anticlockwise. Finish unscrewing by hand and remove the upper part of the SUP valve completely.


Step 3: Place and cut the seal

Check the valve for cleanliness, if necessary clean it and remove any sand, twigs or glue residues from it. It must be perfectly clean and smooth.

Take the PVC gasket and place it on the valve thread, right up against the edge of the valve. Cut it flush with the valve with scissors.


Step 4: Apply the grease

Offset the gasket 1 cm from the valve, open the grease tube or cut the corner of the kit provided. Apply grease to both sides of the PVC gasket and distribute it evenly over the entire gasket/thread. Never use glue!


Step 5: Screw and tighten

Using your finger, centre the base of the valve to the hole in the SUP. Insert the valve and start tightening by hand.

Be careful, the screwing must be free and fluid over 3-4 turns.

Finish tightening with a spanner, always pressing the valve down with the palm of your hand and using the force of two fingers on the spanner. Remove excess grease from the edge of the valve with a cloth.


Advice: Once the SUP is pressurised, adjust the valve if necessary


To find out how to maintain your inflatable paddle or winterise your SUP, read all our paddle articles.


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