Kxone: 100% Droptstitch Kayaks at Nootica!

kayak gonflable kxone baramGlobally acclaimed, Kxone kayaks have joined our selection of inflatable kayaks. And it’s only right considering the quality and the innovations Kxone came up with. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce Dropstitch technology!

100% Dropstitch!

Woosung I.B founded Kxone in 1983 and has been trying to provide innovative inflatable kayaks to its customers in over 60 countries ever since. The company’s motto ”Make a lasting impression with the best products and services,” says it all.

But let’s get to point. Kxone kayaks stick out because they’re the first to feature Dropstitch technology! This patented fabric called Selytech Dropstitch provides kayaks with unrivalled lightness and rigidity.


The side chambers and floor are more rigid because they can be inflated to high pressure. This makes Kxone kayaks more durable and resistant to abrasion. The V-shaped hull gives extra manoeuvrability and speed and makes paddling easier.

But that’s not it. Kxone managed to design kayaks that feature really comfy and ergonomic seats for an incredible experience on the water. Made of closed-cell foam, these raised seats allow the kayaker to sit in a higher position.

Our Kxone selection includes the Baram 200, Baram 300 and Slider 410. While the Barams feature reinforced materials, the Sliders are 100% Dropstitch.

To sum up, Kxone kayaks combine the benefits or rigid kayaks, namely glide and stability, and the benefits of inflatable crafts, i.e. easy transport and storage.

Check out our Kxone inflatable kayaks right now!

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