Sea and freshwater live fishing

Live fishing is an old fishing technique, the principle of which is to catch a large carnivorous fish with the help of a smaller live fish. This technique is also used in several hunts known as "baiting", particularly for catching certain birds. What is live trapping? How do you do it and with what equipment? We tell you more in this article.

Live fishing : definition and technique

Live fishing is a fishing technique that involves catching predators using live fish as bait to lure them. The live used as bait attracts in several ways. It attracts them visually by moving, and the vibrations set off by the movement will also make it locate them olfactory and auditory. As baits, small fish of several species are used, such as gudgeon, roach, minnow, carp, tench, bleak, chub or carassin. Live fishing is practiced in freshwater or in the sea, on board a boat or from the shore. It allows you to catch various species of carnivorous fish, such as pike, reel, perch, zander, catfish or even black bass.

Live fishing : technique

This is one of the most basic and simple fishing techniques, and it can satisfy beginners by offering great catches, even without much experience. Live fishing is a calm sport, and the most important quality required for the live fisherman is patience. There is no hand-to-hand combat, no proof of force, no fighting between the pêcheur and his catch. It can be practised in two ways, from the shore or from a boat.

Pecheurs du bord

Pêche from the edge

Live fishing on the shore is perfect for a day out with friends or family. It is practiced at the pose, provided you : do not forget the rod holders. Once your setups are done and your rods are set up, all you have to do is enjoy and have a good time. Just keep an eye on your lines, so you can spot the keys in time.


Live fishing on boat 

Live fishing on boat can be compared to a good walk at sea. The technique consists of moving from station to station, keeping an eye on the water if you don't want to come back home empty-handed.

In both cases, whether you are in a boat or fishing from the shore, you must set up the float so that the fish swim to the required depth. Then launch your rig at the desired location and wait patiently. It is the fish that works in your place, gesticulating. But don't fall asleep, because the touch must be followed by a quick strike, a few seconds after the shot!

Garçon pêchant en bateau

Live fishing : material

In order to set off well equipped for your game of live fishing, it is necessary to get a minimum of equipment, and to prepare all your accessories. Here is your checklist:


  • A telescopic fishing rod of 3.5 to 4 meters is perfect. Just remember to adjust the size of your lures & the power of your rod ; 

  • A reel able to hold at least 150 mètres of nylon 

  • Nylon of 28/100 à 35/100, depending on the power of your rod, the size of your baits and the size of the fish you are targeting ;

  • Some hooks in sufficient number and assortment. Carry single and triple hameçons depending on the size of your appâts and the type of eschewing you do ;

  • Some float caps of 5 à 35 grams ; 

  • Some plumbs to re-glue your float. You can opt for split shot or sliding olivettes, 1 gram. If you are fishing from the shore, in deeper water, we recommend 30 grams sinkers.

Live fishing on the grill

Peeling on the live is increasingly considered a cruel technique and its practice is even banned in several countries. Some French communes are concerned about this issue. In addition to the cruelty it inflicts on bait, live fishing is accused of being a decay factor in the balance of biodiversity. Indeed, the use of unsuitable baits favours the introduction and proliferation of undesirable or even invasive species, such as the sun perch, which is considered a pest. Live baits can also be vectors of viruses and responsible for serious bacteriological contamination. The future will tell us more about the evolution of existing regulations on this subject. Don't forget to check out the current legislation before you go.  In the meantime, check out our artificial lure selection.


River, lake, pond or coastal banks, everything is good for a good live fish. It is also the ideal place for a boat trip on calm waters. The more energetic will try the bass fishing on the boat. Live fishing can be practiced in all circumstances, in all places and at all times. It is also the fishing of the beginners and of those who do not want to get into too complicated techniques. Fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, for example, is always a good opportunity for a good moment of relaxation.

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