Stand Up Paddleboarding: Basic Tips

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There’s no doubt stand up paddleboarding is one of the most accessible water sports in the world because it requires no (or minimum) training. This is one of the mains reasons it has become so popular. However, don’t miss out on these few tips which could come in very handy:

- You must stand approximately in the middle of the board to keep a good balance. Stay too close to the nose or to the tail of the board and you will fall down.

- If you’re a beginner, start paddling on your knees and after some time, try to stand up slowly, one foot at a time.

- Always hold your paddle when you stand up, otherwise you will have to kneel down again with a risk of falling off the board.

- Once you’re up, bend slightly your knees to keep a good balance. It is your legs and abs that provide a good, balanced stance, rather than your arms.

- If you want to paddle straight, you want to give two paddle strokes on the left and then two on the right. If you paddle on the left, then your right hand should grab the top of the paddle. Conversely, if you paddle on the right, your left hand should sit at the top of the paddle.

Reach forward as far as you can and push the paddle through the water. Pull the paddle back when it reaches the point where your feet are. If your back hurts, just kneel down, try to keep your back upright and look to the horizon. This way, you’ll spare your back.


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- Hold your paddle properly. If it is symmetrical, that’s not a problem. But if it has an angled blade, then the blade slope has to face forward.

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