Top 5 best spear guns for underwater hunting

Choosing the best underwater hunting harpoon requires a solid knowledge of fishing equipment. Wondering what type of propulsion or barrel design to choose for your speargun? Here are the top underwater shotguns prepared by the Nootica expert.

What are underwater hunting spearguns?

The harpoon gun is the perfect hunting weapon for the underwater fisherman. It is used to project an arrow to capture fish or phalopods. The underwater hunting speargun is composed of a fixed part used as a thruster. The other part is mobile and acts as a harpoon. It is connected to the crossbow by a rope and can be reeled in.

The harpoon guns are divided into two types of propulsion. The harpoons & bungee cords are the guns most commonly used for spearfishing. With this model, the arrow is projected at very high speed by the bungee cord, a plastic tensioner. The pneumatic harpoons propel the spears with compressed air contained in the gun. More powerful than bungee guns, they are handled with care.

Criteria for buying a speargun

Are you looking for the best harpoon to improve your underwater hunting technique? Brands like Cressi Beuchat or Meandros provide numerous models, each one better than the last. Here are three criteria for making the right choice.

Harpoon gun underwater hunting

The barrel of the crossbow

The crossbow exist in different sizes and materials. Aluminium underwater spearguns are the most affordable. Carbon crossbows are light, but fragile. Do not put in every hand. Wooden spearguns are more expensive than other models, but have excellent buoyancy. Wondering what barrel diameter to choose for your next spear gun? With a 25 mm barrel diameter, you have a light and manageable gun. A 28mm tube gives more balance and rigidity.

The speargun flare

Are you looking for high-performance equipment for spearfishing? Choose carefully the arrows for your wooden or carbon crossbow. There are several types of arrows available: pneumatic arrows, notched arrows or arrows with lugs. Choose stainless steel models with a minimum diameter of 6 or 7 mm.

The bungee cords

The rubber band serves to propel the speargun's barrel. Its power is proportional to its diameter. A 16 mm diameter bungee cord is easy to load and is suitable for a hardcore hunter. A large 19mm bungee cord provides more power but requires more strength to cock. Read our article to learn how to cock your underwater shotgun.

The top 5 spearguns

We have narrowed down our selection of spearguns according to the type of hunting, the size of the speargun, the shape of the barrel, the open or closed head, and the stock, not to mention the budget of course.

Arbalète Beuchat bungee cord

  • 1) Speargun Beuchat HERO - 90 cm

Beuchat is a brand of reference entirely dedicated to the sea. It is both a story of passion and innovation for Georges Beuchat, inventor of the crossbow in 1947 and a pioneer of underwater activities.

Medium sized, the Beuchat Hero speargun is the right option versatile enough, to practice Indian or casting hunting. It is suitable for close range shooting. (The 90 cm crossbow shoots approximately 3m).

Its open head is compact for double 16 mm bungee cords with stainless steel wire guide.

It has a classic and relatively inexpensive round aluminium tube, although sometimes used on higher end rifles, alloyed as here with alveoli to reduce the weight of the head. The result is high performance buoyancy and minimised side drag.

Its non-slip elastomer grip allows for an optimal grip and an adequate inclination for a natural and comfortable rifle arm alignment, even without gloves. The stock is made of fibreglass-reinforced techno-polymers and glass beads.

The recoil mechanism means that the arrow hook is positioned at the heel of the stock, for greater loading power.

The trigger is short and responsive thanks to the stainless steel mechanism for fast shooting.

Built-in Shock Absorber: This accessory may not look like much, but it absorbs the impact of the arrow and minimises recoil.

It works with 16 mm quick release bungee cords and 2.2 mm spectra shells.

Designed for the experienced underwater hunter looking for both manoeuvrability, power and ease of use in his regular practice, this crossbow offers good value for money.


Aluminum tubing Ø 28mm alloy; • New HERO stock & headstock • Integral arrow guide • Staggered mechanism    • 1 year warranty


Arbalète Cressi

2) Cressi Cherokee speargun Fast - 90 cm

Cressi is an Italian scuba diving brand that has gone from being handcrafted and inventive to computer-based design, while retaining its values.


The Cressi Cherokee Fast is a versatile 90cm crossbow offering a good compromise for practicing Indian, slurping and agachon because its medium size makes it easy to cock the gun.

Its 28mm round tube with integral barrel guide is ideal for experienced or experienced hunters looking for a good compromise between handling, power and ease of use, without sacrificing rigidity.

His stock features a glass-fiber reinforced technopolymer handle that is perfectly ergonomic for handling and resistance to bending.

The self-lubricating anodised aluminium and stainless steel material minimises friction.

Another plus is that it comes with the standard reel mounted ready to use which softens the shock of the shot and secures larger catches.

Round bungee cords with a 14mm diameter are ideal for double mounting to arm your underwater hunting crossbow.

Easy to use and handy, it is designed for beginners and experienced alike and offers a smooth and safe shooting action in all circumstances, with a mid-range price tag.

Cressi Cherokee Fast Crossbow - 90cm • Black anti-corodal fillet with integral grey arrow guide Ø 28mm • Double bungee cord tee with magnetic arrow restraint • 2 x 14mm bungee cords • 6. 5mm • Safety reel • 1 year warranty


Arbalète Pathos

  1. 3) Pathos Saragos speargun - 90 cm

The Greek company Pathos had been supplying underwater hunting equipment since 1970 before diversifying into rifles in 1996, without departing from its perfect finish and quality.

The Pathos Saragos speargun is designed for both strikers and experienced throwers for both the Indian and casting fishing. It is a bit cumbersome for the hunting holes and less convenient for the agachon but remains versatile due to its intermediate size.

Light and powerful, the Pathos speargun is compact, hydrodynamic and very easily operable and its sighting ensures perfect precision.

The handle is made of stainless steel.

The diameter of the bungee cords close to 18 mm is still quite easy to cock even at the last notch, but starts to bring precision and power.

The Angelo 2 Anatomical Wrist Low Profile fits every pitcher's right hand. Its new stainless steel reverse release mechanism adds 7 cm of loading length.

It's an aluminum 1.5" barrel that is designed to fit the right hand of every pitcher.

The price is very affordable.

•  Aluminium barrel Ø 28 mm - Circular bungee cord 17.5 mm - Stainless steel shaft 6.25 mm with notches - Open head - Ergonomic d'Angelo 2 Pathos handle - 1 year warranty

Arbalète Labrax

  • 4)  Labrax Nova speargun - 75 cm

Labrax Underwater Equipment is a very reliable and affordable Turkish brand that offers a complete range of underwater hunting equipment: wetsuits, booties and gloves made of nappa, Marseilles belt etc.


The  Labrax Nova spear gun is only 75 cm long so it's space-saving, easy to handle and perfect for beginners.

In addition, it is a fairly short rifle that is suitable for hole hunting requiring comfort in narrow gaps or for Indian fishing, even a little bit casting

Its closed head, Tahitian flare and 16mm Sandoz set make it the best compromise for beginners with a small budget.

However, its range is limited like all short guns.

The advantage of a fairly short gun is that it allows you to test different hunting techniques and gain experience before changing to a gun with more range and accuracy.

With 16mm bungee cords, it's still easy to load and makes a good entry-level option.

• 28mm round barrel guide with grey inner arrow; • Closed head • 6.5mm stainless steel Tahitian arrow • Pair of 16mm bungee cords • Articulated shell; • 1 year warranty


Arbalète Méandros

5) Meandros Argo Open - 85 speargun


Specialised for research, improvement and construction of spearfishing's products, Meandros is a company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its founder, Peter Koutsogiorgos, has never ceased to evolve his ranges through technology.

This 85cm crossbow is quite versatile and is suitable for both Indian, casting and agachon. 

It is a bit long and therefore less manoeuvrable for hole shooting and lacks a bit of range for distant agachon shots, but will do for most underwater hunting techniques.

The speargun Méandros Argo Open is a bungee cord, common in underwater hunting, but with an open head and an oval barrel for more hydrodynamics. Indeed, this rifle is not a simple tubular rifle as its aeronautical aluminium alloy and rigid elliptical shape offer more buoyancy without deformation. The careful placement of the bungee cords makes it a very active crossbow for accurate shooting.

It is a very durable and durable stainless steel stock.

It has an ergonomic stock with a low profile and anti-shock grip


It is equipped with a cocking heel, reduced friction spear guide, water balance compartment, ambidextrous monofilament guide (line breaker), multipurpose reamer, etc.

It is also equipped with an adjustable handle and a handle that can be used to adjust the weight of the spear.

This crossbow satisfies the needs of the simple diver to the experienced hunter who will be able to adapt the crossbow with appropriate reel and bungee cords.

With its mid-range price, it also knows how to meet the needs of demanding and experienced hunters who want to go up a gear.

• 32mm aeronautical aluminum alloy tube • Reversed barrel mechanism; Revolutionary • Leader Argo stock • Double circular bungee cord open end ø 16mm • 7.0mm single pin flange à lug • 1 year warranty



As you can see, a spear gun has a simple operation: The diver descends, aims, presses the tent and launches a propelled arrow with the help of bungee cords.

You can imagine that every detail counts for a successful shot and an easy-to-handle gun underwater, from the stock of the crossbow to the shape of the barrel, the bungee cords and the reel. For more on how to choose your crossbow, refer to our Blog article.

Whatever your underwater hunting habits, go for the best harpoon gun. Add a high performance camouflage suit and you won't come home empty handed from your fishing trips.

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