Wakeboarding Glossary

Wakeboard is an exciting water sport. Whether jumping off waves or on modules, spectacular tricks performed by experienced wakeboarders have left their mark on many a spectator. You would like to cover this sport or progressing in wakeboarding through videos or articles. But the specific vocabulary used makes it difficult to understand. Fifty-fifty, baskside or toeside indicate a particular way of moving. Below is a glossary of terms to help you understand all the explanations in wakeboarding.

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Wakeboarding from A to Z

Air:  the height between the rider and the water surface.

Backroll : a backward jump using a backside edge grip.

Backside : be on edge and get on your heels to go left for a regular and right for a goofy.

Backside boardslide ou back board : arrival with back to the module and front foot first.

Backside lipslide ou back lip : arrival with back to the module with rear foot first.

Ballast : additional weight added to the boat to produce larger wake waves; takes the form of ballast, bags or people.

Bindings : shoes to keep the rider on the wakeboard.

Blind : land in the water with your arms behind you and your back to the cable.

Board : diminutive, designates the wakeboard used by the practitioners to evolve on the water.

Boarder : short for wakeboarder, means a person who practices wakeboarding.

Carres : sides of the wakeboard.

Coupe : head for an obstacle.

Deep-Water-Start : underwater, the wakeboarder emerges from the water with the help of the boat's traction.

Digger : word for a bad fall of the wakeboarder.

Dock start : departure of the rider from a pontoon or from the bank in a sitting or standing position.

Edge : edge of the board.

Fifty-fifty : move while keeping the board in line with the module.

Flats : "flat" area outside the furrow waves.

Frontside : be in edge grip and stand on the toes to move to the right, for a regular, and to the left, for a goofy.

Frontside boardslide ou front board : arrive facing the module with the front foot first.

Frontside lipslide ou front lip : arriver face au module avec le pied arrière en premier.

Goofy : ride with the right foot in front.

Heelside edge : edge on the heel side of the board.

Invert : somersault where the rider ends up in the air with his head down.

Kicker : ramp used by riders to jump in the air.

Mobe : also known as mobius, refers to a somersault involving a 360° rotation.

Nose : the front of the board or the end closest to the boat.

Off-Axis-Spin : rotation on an axis other than vertical; the board is at shoulder level or higher.

Ole : rotation with a hand over the head and not behind the back.

Ollie : trick in which the rider sends his board into the air by pressing down on the back foot and lifting the front foot.

Palonnier : also known as a handle, this allows the rider to hold on to the tow rope.

Pop : take the pop or take off from the water using the propulsion of the wave.

Rail : PVC or wooden module on which the wakeboarder slides.

Regular : ride with the left foot in front.

Rider : a name equivalent to wakeboarder, refers to a person who practices wakeboarding.

Rotation :

  • 180 ° or 1

  • 270 ° or 2

  • 360 ° or 3 or 3-6

  • 450 ° or 4 or 4-5

  • 540 ° or 5 or 5-4

Direction of rotation :

  • The 540 backside is a 540° rotation back first and rudder in the back.

  • The 360 frontside is a 360° rotation by turning the face clockwise first if you are goofy and counter-clockwise if you are regular.

Set : a round of wakeboard.

Sillage : waves left by the boat; used by riders to propel themselves and perform tricks.

Slider : module to glide. 

Spin : spin performed by the rider and his board on a vertical axis.

Switch : move the front foot backwards.

Tail : the back of the board or its farthest end from the boat. 

Toeside edge : edge on the toe side of the board.

Trick : trick realised with a wakeboard.

Wakeboarder : someone practicing wakeboard.

Wrapped : when the rider wraps around the rope before performing a trick to avoid passing the rudder from one hand to the other.


We hope that this wakeboarding glossary has been able to enlighten you and Nootica wishes you a good ride!

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