The YACHTCARE range offers a complete assortment of nautical products of the latest technology.
(Polyester putty, polyester resin, polyester gelcoat, epoxy putty, epoxy resin, antifouling paint, laminating resin, G4 primer, glass cloth, G8 varnish, Uniflex bonding,...)

As the owner of a polyester boat, you have chosen the material of the moment, fiberglass-reinforced plastics, which indeed offer considerable advantages:
- No more rust, no more oxidized material
- No more influence of atmospheric conditions
- No need to repaint your boat every year

The maintenance costs of a polyester boat are minimal. However, some minor repairs are necessary from time to time. With the YACHTCARE products you can do these repairs yourself.

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For mixing resin and hardener


FoamYachtcare brush

Finishing after painting or lacquering - several widths available

Starting at: $2.26

Clip mountYachtcare

Clip mount for 100 mm sleeve


Flat brush Yachtcare codtail n°70

Application of all types of paints and strippers


Yachtcare Water-based abrasive sheets available in several grains

Pockets 3 sheets water-based abrasive - Finish before lacquer, varnish, gelcoat - Antifouling sanding

Starting at: $3.39

Yachtcare Dry abrasive sheets Available in several grains

Pockets 3 dry abrasive sheets - Antifouling sanding, painting, epoxy primer, coating, gelcoat

Starting at: $3.39

Roll Yachtcare 100 mm

Rabbit paste roll with yellow stripes for antifouling application. Width 100mm


BPO Hardener Yachtcare 50 gr

Benzoyl Peroxide Red Curing Agent - Amine Accelerated Polyester Resins and Sealants


Polurethane 10GYachtcare colour pastes

The polyurethane colouring paste allows the original colouring of the gelcoat to be adapted. It is packaged in 10g tubes.

Starting at: $4.63

Mohair lacquerYachtcare roller 100 mm

Application of single and two-component paints - Complete


Yachtcare Rechampir Brush

Ideal for precision work and finishing - several diameters available

Starting at: $5.65

Hardener PMEC 29 grYachtcare

Methyl ethyl ketone peroxide curing agent - For gelcoat, polyester varnish, cobalt accelerated polyester resins


PMECYachtcare hardener

YACHTCARE Methyl Ethylketone Peroxide Hardener is specially designed for cobalt accelerated polyester resins and polyester gelcoats and varnishes.

Starting at: $6.78

Waterproof Yachtcare wood glue

Universal one-component wood adhesive (solvent-free, water-based PVAC dispersion adhesive) for the production of waterproof glues in accordance with DIN EN 204 / D3.


Glass mat 300G/M2Yachtcare

YACHTCARE glass matt ensures high waterproofness and rigidity. This reinforcing material is complementary for polyester resins.

Starting at: $7.12

Mastic Yachtcare above waterline

YACHTCARE polyester waterline sealant is particularly easy to sand. It is ideal for smooth, non-porous surfaces above the waterline.

Starting at: $7.91

Regular Price: $10.18


Glass mat 450G/M2Yachtcare

YACHTCARE glass matt ensures high waterproofness and rigidity. This reinforcing material is complementary for polyester resins.

Starting at: $9.15

Marine siliconeYachtcare

One-component elastic sealant for sealing, filling, grouting cracks, snags and overlaps on various types of substrates.

Starting at: $9.61

Yachtcare Marine Varnish

Marine varnish developed for all surfaces above the waterline

Starting at: $10.07

Regular Price: $26.03


Reinforced polyester paste Yachtcare type sauerkraut

YACHCARE reinforced polyester paste, type "sauerkraut", is a filling and bonding compound based on highly reactive repair resin mixed with glass fibres.

Starting at: $10.17

Super EYachtcare poxy Epoxy Glue

Two-component, multi-purpose, solvent-free glue is a fast-acting glue that develops its adhesion power in 10 to 15 minutes.


RovingYachtcare glass fabric

The YACHTCARE ROVING glass fabric reinforces the strength of the repair. This reinforcing material is applied with polyester and epoxy resin.

Starting at: $10.29

Foam lacquering Yachtcare sleeve 100 mm

Lacquer application - set of 2


Set of 6 spatulasYachtcare

4 metal spatulas - 1 polypropylene spatula - 1 rubber spatula


Cold weldingYachtcare

Two-component, solvent-free repairer; after curing it is shaped like metal.


WhiteYachtcare finishing gelcoat

Yachtcare White Finishing Gelcoat is a coloured polyester component. It is used to form a top coat on laminated or putty substrates.

Starting at: $12.21

Thinner Yachtcare Primer and Antifouling paint

Thinner for Antifouling paint and Primer - available in 0.75L and 5L

Starting at: $12.33


Sealant Yachtcare under waterline

The finishing sealant under the YACHTCARE waterline has been specially designed for boating. It has a very good water resistance for parts below the waterline. It is used to fill scratches and to rectify unevennesses in layers up to a maximum of 10 mm...

Starting at: $12.33

Epoxy paste Yachtcare Solomet Marine

Two-component epoxy stick activated by mixing the product. Also seals cracks and leaks on damp substrates and in the area below the waterline.


Epoxy paste Solomet SteelYachtcare

Two-component epoxy stick activated by mixing the product. Also seals cracks and leaks on damp substrates and in the area below the waterline.


Uniflex MarineYachtcare adhesive joint

One-component polyurethane adhesive and sealing gasket, with durable elasticity, hardening against air humidity. It does not yellow and is resistant to seawater, UV and temperatures from -40°C to +90°C.

Starting at: $13.58

Thinner Yachtcare Epoxy

Epoxy Thinner - available in 0.75L and 5L

Starting at: $14.60


Thinner Yachtcare Lacquer

Thinner for one or two component lacquers - available for spray or manual use

Starting at: $14.60


Finishing primer Yachtcare 400 ml

For a perfect finish before painting. Removes all micro scratches.


Boat polishYachtcare

For polyester or slightly oxidized polyurethane surfaces.


Epoxy paste Yachtcare Solomet HT 57 gr

Two-component epoxy stick - Colmate cracks and leaks on wet substrates - Adheres to substrates


Preval pistolYachtcare handle

Grip pistol handle - ergonomic trigger - Standard aerosol compatible


Polyester colouring paste 200gYachtcare

YACHTCARE special polyester colouring paste. Box of 200g. Application: 15 to 20% in resins and gel coats. 5 to 10% in polyester varnishes.

Starting at: $15.27

MS Marine Uniflex Yachtcare adhesive joint

One-component polymeric bonding and sealing compound. MS polymer technology offers good resistance to weathering, marine stress and ageing and allows a large number of substrates to be glued.

Starting at: $15.27

High Gloss Finish 200G High GlossYachtcare Polishing Paste

Yachtcare polishing paste is made from noble waxes, without silicone. It removes matt and weathered parts on plastic surfaces.


Ortho laminating resin Yachtcare - 500g box WITH hardener

YACHTCARE Ortho Polyester Laminating Resin is a pre-accelerated thixotropic repair resin. It is applied to laminated parts subjected to bad weather and cold water or ex


Fat plaster 800 gYachtcare

The greasy coating is a ready-to-use, one-component, multi-functional coating. This coating is based on alkyd resin and is designed for a professional result in the field of painting.


Polishing discYachtcare

Polishing disc for optimal application and use of REFINISH 1.


Repair resin Quick 1kgYachtcare

Quick repair resin, ideal for emergency repairs. Used on boats or in swimming pools to repair damage or leaks.




Primer Yachtcare for one-component lacquer

Primer / undercoat for one-component paints

Starting at: $19.12


Refinish Premium GlossYachtcare Polishing Paste

Recommended in addition to the REFINISH 1 sanding and polishing paste, high-quality PTFE-based finishing wax, which guarantees particularly durable protection on the treated surface.


Gas cartridge Yachtcare Sprayer Preval Sprayer

Charged gas cartridge - delivered with dip tube, fasteners for all Preval containers


Disposable paint Yachtcare combination - several sizes available

Splashproof - Breathable material - Hood

Starting at: $19.12

Marine polyesterYachtcare repair kit

The YACHTCARE marine repair kit contains all the necessary equipment for stratification. It is essential on board all boats.

Starting at: $19.24

Antifouling primerYachtcare

Single-component primer for interfacing old and new antifouling

Starting at: $19.34

Regular Price: $26.03

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